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Thread: My Wife was injured at the DVC Annual Meeting

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    My Wife was injured at the DVC Annual Meeting

    Our vacation at WDW took a turn for the worse at the DVC Annual Meeting on Tuesday, Dec 4, 2007 at the Coronado Springs Resort. The meeting started at 2pm, and my wife got up to use the restroom at 2:45 pm. About 20 minutes later, I have a DVC staff member tapping on my shoulder. She tells me my wife has been injured and escorts me out of the meeting.

    As I am taken outside the meeting room, I see my wife surrounded my DVC staff as well as various Coronado Springs security personnel. Apparently, one of the sinks in the womans restroom had a leak, and water had pooled under the sink and also ran across the bathroom floor (about 3 wide and 6 ft long).

    My wife didnt notice the water on the floor and subsequently slipped and fell. After she managed to get up, she limped out of the bathroom and notified the DVC staff outside the meeting room, who then called Security and then pulled me out of the meeting.

    Since my wife experienced severe pain in her hip when she tried to sit down or raise her leg, paramedics were called who examined her and recommended she be taken to the hospital. She was laid out on a gurney to the paramedics ambulance and taken to the hospital in Celebration.

    I ran to the front desk, asked for the manager and informed him what had taken place. I told him what resort we were staying at (Animal Kingdom Villas) and gave him our room number and my cell phone. I then drove to the hospital.

    Eventually, after four hours at the hospital, an X-Ray, a shot, and a lot of prescriptions, my wife was discharged with crutches. Happily, nothing was broken but she was in severe pain due to something being torn or pulled.

    We arrived at our resort and discovered that neither Coronado Springs nor DVC had notified AKL what had taken place. We hobbled down to dinner at Boma. My wife felt worse, and eventually had a bad reaction to the dosage of pain medication that the hospital had given her. She was too weak to walk and we asked for a wheelchair.

    We talked to the restaurant manager at Boma and explained our displeasure with CSR and DVC not only not informing AKL of the incident, but that no one at CSR, DVC, or anyone else had Disney had followed up with us to see how my wife was doing. The AKL staff said it was Disney policy for CSR to notify our home resort.

    After several phone calls the next morning to DVC Member Services and AKL resort management, the Disney hospitality engine finally seemed to kick into gear and respond to the fact that our vacation was not going to be as magical as we expected. We were going to spend every day left of our vacation in the hotel room with my wife lying in bed.

    Later that day, DVC did send us a complementary fruit/cheese basket. Boma gave us a free dinner for the two of us. Housekeeping gave us 5 small stuffed Disney characters and offered a free full cleaning at the 4-day mark. Best of all, the GM of AKL called us and let us know they were giving us a free private tour of the AKL savannah. I was worried that it would be too bumpy for my wife to be able to enjoy, but it wasnt too bumpy, and her pain medication allowed her to handle it.

    The tour was great. The two of us rode in a van with the hotel manager and the animal curator at AKL. We spent an hour just driving around the 3 savannahs getting very close to the animals.

    Our trip up to the point of the incident was fabulous! We spent a great night at MVMCP, seeing both the regular Wishes as well as the holiday version, and saw the ice on Cinderellas castle. We spent a great night at Epcot eating at Le Cellier and watching the holiday version of Illuminations. We also saw the Osborne Lights at Disney Studios.

    We had to cut our vacation short and head home. All in all, we felt that AKL picked up the slack after Disney initially dropped the ball. We never got a call from DVC, and Coronado Springs finally called us two days after the incident to say they were thinking of us. Whatever. I really appreciated the hospitality of all the great folks at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge.
    DVC Mike

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    Even though our trip was cut short, my wife and I really loved AKV! Yes, the rooms in Jambo house were created by DVC with significant space limitations, but DVC made the best of the space they had to work with. I really would have preferred the separate shower and tub like the other DVC resorts instead of the the combination shower/tub, and there is a lack of closet space.

    But the decor of the room was great and we really, really (really!) liked sitting out on the balcony looking at the animals.

    Our room was 5453, which is off the Zebra trail and overlooked the Uzima savanna. Since we were the farthest away from the Kidani Village construction, it was absolutely quiet and peaceful. We never heard any construction sound. Every so often we would hear a big truck on Osceola Parkway.

    We got to see the fireworks at Epcot, although it was very far away.

    The entire staff was fantastic, and made every effort to make our vacation magical.

    We can't wait to go back in March!

    DVC Mike

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    I hope your wife feels up to par soon! And as much as her hip hurts and it affected your whole trip, I'm thankful that she didn't hit her head when she slipped and fell. (Yes, I'm a half-full person )

    That was pretty lousy of CSR not to follow up sooner with you, and "Thinking of You" seems awfully weak.


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    Sorry to read of your wife's fall, I hope her pain is better soon!

    DVC/AKV owner



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