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Thread: Why are the posts in some threads really stale?

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    Why are the posts in some threads really stale?

    Sometimes you may read a thread, and wonder why the information somehow seems out of sync, outdated, or otherwise odd-sounding. When you notice this, take a look at the date that the bulk of the posts were made in. If the thread was alive in the past (for example, three months ago), chances are, this is an old thread that someone dredged up and reanimated.

    Dredged up threads, like reincarnated spirits, tend to come back and haunt us. Often, the news is stale, opinions have changed, and information has been updated in the meantime. Some people build animosity against posters who repeatedly dredge up old threads. Although the moderators generally do not act on this, we do tend to frown upon it.

    In general, it is considered poor etiquette to dredge up old threads for the purpose of reincarnating them. If you want to discuss a topic that was written in a thread months ago, we encourage you to consider creating a new thread, and adding a URL pointing to the previous discussion.

    Added 2007-09-12: MousePad threads are now automatically closed after six months of inactivity. However, if you find a thread of interest and it's five months, three weeks and six days old, please consider starting a new thread on the same topic anyway.

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