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Thread: How to get to DL?

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    How to get to DL?

    Once your in LA what other freeways can you take to get to Disneyland besides I-5 South?

    Thankx a bunch*o*

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    Well, you could take the Harbor Fwy ( 110 ) South and switch to the Riverside Fwy ( 91 ) East and exit on Harbor Blvd and proceed south.

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    You have one other option, really. The 405 south. Take that down to the 22 E, get off at Harbor and head north to Disneyland.

    It's a toss up. The 5 is a little more direct, but can have far worse traffic for long periods of time. However, the 405 goes past LAX, and that can result in serious problems, and the 22 for some unknown reason is always slow.

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    My handy dandy route is wonderful if you have someone with you.

    Take the 405 to the 710 East, to the 91 towards Riverside. Get in the car pool lane ASAP. You will fly even in rush hour. The carpool lane has an exit to the 5 South carpool lane. The 5 South Carpool lane has an exit to Disneyland Drive. From the 710/405 junction it will take you 15-20 minutes to get to the parking garage.

    This is called the Chris and Lisa Memorial Disneyland Route .



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