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Thread: Asking for free things on MousePad & What is a Solicitation

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    Asking for free things on MousePad & What is a Solicitation

    We consider requests such as, "I am going to the park next Saturday but I am a SoCal APer and it is a blockout day for me. Can someone get me in for free?" to be a form of solicitation, which we prohibit in our community policies.

    REVISED for clarification May 16, 2004: While we frown on asking for things, we also take a strict stance against our members offering things, whether for favors, for money, or for free. In our experience, this causes various problems (those who don't get the free offer feel upset, others start asking for favors, there is no way for us to verify the legitimacy of the offer, etc.).

    If you were considering giving something away, especially something coveted such as a limited edition pin or a seat for a special event please refrain from doing so in any forum other than The Marketplace. It is very likely that you will receive a stern warning from a moderator. Doing so repeatedly after moderator warnings can result in a member's suspension.

    A solicitation is:

    • Selling an item or service
    • Giving away an item or service
    • Asking for an item or service for free
    • Offering to pay for an item or service
    • Offering to trade an item or service

    Members may use the Marketplace forum for these posts as long as they are of a non-commercial nature. For more details, please see this thread.

    Special note: Asking, begging, requesting or hinting that you might want access to Disneyland's Club 33 is strictly prohibited in the Marketplace and all other areas on MousePad.
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