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Thread: How do I search for a particular word in a long thread?

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    How do I search for a particular word in a long thread?

    To look for a particular word in a very long thread that spans multiple screens:

    1. Select the Show a Printable Version link at the bottom of any page of the thread. A low-graphic, printer-friendly page appears.
    2. Select the Show all ___ posts from this thread on one page link, which appears on both the top and bottom of the screen. A page appears with all posts in the thread.
    3. Use your Web browser's Find command (Ctrl+F or Apple+F) to search for the word in the thread.

    Alternatively, you can find your particular word by using the MousePad Search feature. Be aware however, that although you can narrow your search by specifying the forum, posters, and posting dates, you may still end up with a search result set that is large and unwieldy. The primary benefit of using the MousePad Search feature is that the word you are looking for is automatically highlighted in a different font color.

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