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Thread: How come my link to my great eBay auction was censored?

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    How come my link to my great eBay auction was censored?

    Since our community policies specifically prohibit advertising, we do not allow members to post direct links to items for sale at sites such as eBay. If you wish to share with readers information about an interesting auction, you may post a well-defined description of the item; however we will remove URL links to the actual auction. We may allow the posting of a URL to auction sites if you are posting for the purpose of discussing the item, and it is obvious that you are not the auction seller. This is left to the discretion of the moderator.

    You may include eBay links in your signature; please remember to remove them when the auctions close.

    Note that you must have at least 15 posts before you may post links (of any kind).

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