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Thread: Electric Scooter and Disney Transportation

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    Electric Scooter and Disney Transportation

    A member of my party is renting an electric scooter from an off-site company to use both at the parks and at the hotel. I was wondering if the Disney buses are equipped to load the scooter to go to the parks? What about the boat transport from POR to Downtown Disney?



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    The buses can handle electric scooters and wheelchairs with no problem. From what I have seen, boat transportation is not a problem as well.

    I will say that when it comes to Disney Transportation they have done a very good job when it comes to being wheelchair and scooter accessible.

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    Thanks so much for your response! It is good to know that they are so accommodating.

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    All the Disney buses are equipped with lifts (the older ones) or ramps (the newer ones). Each has the capacity to hold two wheelchairs or ECVs. Sometimes you may have to wait if the bus already has two loaded.

    All the monorails and the larger boats also are also able to handle ECVs with no problem, usually they put down a metal plate to eliminate the space. Some of the smaller yachts may not be able to handle an ECV.

    Note that for the buses there is a special waiting area as the driver has to load people in wheelchairs and ECVs before any of the other passengers are loaded, so make sure you wait in the specially marked areas and not the regular lines.

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