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Thread: DVC coming to Grand Californian

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    DVC coming to Grand Californian

    The long rumored DVC property at the Grand Californian looks to be starting finally.

    Yesterday, Disney filed for the intial permits to being constuction of the expansion to the GCH. The first permit is for demolition of exterior:

    Remove architectural overhangs and portion of exist. roof sections to prepare exist. structure for new addition

    The second permit is to begin building out the sample unit:

    Tenant improvement, 1886sf remodel of mock up unit for time share sales

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    If they build it, I will definitely make the trip out west and stay there. I grew up in Anaheim and went to Disneyland as a kid dozens of times. However, since I moved out east 4 years ago, I don't think I will add-on there. I'm still hoping for CRV!

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    Hey, there's another new permit today:

    "Addition to Hotel (Grand Californian Hotel) Shell Only "

    I think this thing is really going to happen!

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    If they build it, I will come

    I own at SSR but would prefer to own on the West Coast

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbangel View Post
    I own at SSR but would prefer to own on the West Coast
    The same goes for us, so much easier to go the DL than to WDW for a quickie fix.

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    I don't own at all, but I'd seriously consider it at DL.


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    Any Idea when they will start selling memberships for Grand Cal-Disneyland DVC units.

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    AL Lutz stated at that they would announce the units at GCH on Tuesday, so the sales should start soon.

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    thanks for the reply Darkbeer,I Missed the news release on Al's site. Any ideas on pricing for the units. Is there a similar resort at WDW that compares?



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