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Thread: Welcome to the DVC Forum!

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    Welcome to the DVC Forum!

    As we broaden our horizons, we felt it is time to add a DVC specific forum to MousePad. DVC has over 100,000 owner families worldwide now. With the launch of Animal Kingdom Villas, along with the pending announcement of resorts at the Contemporary Hotel, the Grand Californian, and more (Hawaii?), DVC really is becoming more than just a Walt Disney World option. As such, it is time for it to grow into its own.

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    Rock on! This is great, now I will not have to go to that other DISappointing site for DVC info!

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    Thank you

    Thank you for creating the DVC forum. I've been a guest at your site for quite awhile and really enjoy it. The DVC forum prompted me to join. We've joined DVC last fall and really love it. I look forward to participating in the forums.



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