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Thread: Accident [on Kali River Rapids] - Breaking News

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    Accident [on Kali River Rapids] - Breaking News

    Click here to view information regarding an accident at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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    From reading the links (which are very limited on the details!) - it sounds like they were injured while being evacuated for another reason - the injuries did not occur during normal operation of the attraction.

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    Agree....details are confusing: the first report said that the people were injured while going from the raft to the platform; while the second report said the people were on an incline.
    Having just rode it about 2 weeks ago, the incline is rather significant (maybe 35 degree climb) and I guess if it stopped unexpectedly, you could be tossed around a bit. The seatbelts (lapbelts) don't do a whole lot to protect you from bouncing around.

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    I am sure we will find out more.

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    Here is an article in the Orlando Sentinel with slightly more information:

    6 injured on Animal Kingdom ride at Disney
    Beth Kassab | Sentinel Staff Writer
    Posted May 29, 2007, 5:01 PM EDT

    Five Walt Disney World guests and an employee were transported to the hospital today after the Kali River Rapids ride at Animal Kingdom was evacuated.

    One of the rides' sensors caused the flumes to stop as they were traveling up a steep incline, prompting an evacuation about 10:20 a.m., said Bo Jones, deputy fire chief of the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

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    Statement from WDW spokesperson Kim Prunty

    This morning, five guests and a Cast Member were transported
    non-emergency status to the hospital after they were injured while
    evacuating the Kali River Rapids attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
    A mobile evacuation platform that enables guests to transfer from the
    ride vehicle to a walkway disengaged and slid. We have removed the
    platform from service and will use an alternate evacuation process.
    After completing our safety inspection, the ride was returned to normal
    operation at approximately 4:15. Our primary concern is for those
    impacted by this incident, and we are assisting them with their
    immediate needs.

    One of the ride system's sensors caused the ride to stop, requiring the
    evacuation. Before re-opening the ride, we completed a safety inspection
    that found the ride was operating properly.

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    We were there on Monday and tried to ride it around 9:30 or 10 but it was closed due to technical difficulties, they did reopen it a little later-but by then the wait ws to long, I wonder if they were having the same sort of problems Monday.

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    Come to think about it, they delayed the opening on the 17th too. It opened about 11am.

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    The thing I hate when I read these stories, aside from the primary concern for peoples' well being, is that there a bunch of fringe groups out there that love stories like this so they can rail against Disney.

    We all know that even with the strictest safety regulations - heck, even if they inspected every ride every 5 minutes, from time to time somebody might get hurt. It's the same at any amusement park, resort, or heck anyplace where people are interacting with machines (not to get too Terminator here.)

    But there are a number of whack-o groups who just lie in the weeds waiting for someone to get hurt or something to go wrong at WDW or DL. I've seen websites devoted to how many people have died in the parks.

    I don't get it. What, did their parents never take them so now they're taking it out on Disney itself???

    Oh well . . . I hope that everyone involved is ok, which it sounds like they will be.

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    Finz who r u upset with? No one is bad mouthing Disney.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finz729 View Post
    I've seen websites devoted to how many people have died in the parks.
    Not everyone visits those sites to bash Disney's name; I'm interested in ride accidents and deaths simply because I'm interested in the history of specifics rides. It can be really interesting!

    ...As for this current ordeal, it doesn't sound too bad, and the ride is hardly to blame. Hope everyone is well because I could see how it could certainly put a damper on a trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenjustinsmom View Post
    Finz who r u upset with? No one is bad mouthing Disney.
    Nobody on Mousepdad. I think you're misinterpreting me.

    There are groups (though some may be groups of one or two) that just love to use any bad press against Disney. It annoys me. That's all.
    I live near a large Six Flags park that's had a history of accidents, some fatal, and they never seem to make the press. That was all I meant.
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    I never get rattled when I hear of accidents at Disney. I mean...I think they maintain the rides excellently!! Plus, for the number of people that go through Disney on an annual basis....the amount of injuries is far less than 1%- far less. So accidents happen and this what it was and thank goodness that everyone is OK!

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