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Thread: [Disneyland] Rider configuration? 2 kids 1 adult?

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    [Disneyland] Rider configuration? 2 kids 1 adult?

    Planning a trip to Disneyland Memorial Day week due to husband's conference in Costa Mesa. We will all (mom, dad, 5 yo girl, 2 yo boy) go to DL on Tuesday. I'm wondering if I should take them back for a second day while my husband is busy on Wednesday or Thursday. I can't remember or find what the riding configuration is on most rides. Are there many that an adult can ride with 2 kids? If we can't do much without another adult, then I won't bother going back. Also, any ideas about crowd level that week?

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    I would suggest doing the rides that need two adults first, while your hubby is there, then going back and doing the other stuff without him.

    You can likely fit in a ride vehicle with your kids on teacups, Peter Pan, (and the other dark rides, but they may be too scary for the 2-year-old); Pooh, Casey Junior, the Carrousel (if your 5-year-old can hold on alone while you hold the little one, but you can stand between them); the train, the Main St. vehicles, Dumbo, Storybookland Canal Boats, Buzz (you can help the 2-year-old 'shoot'); etc. You can also take them inside Innoventions to run around and play with stuff. Kids really seem to like the virtual aquarium. There's also the Tiki Room.

    I think you could do enough with just the kids to fill a day! And you can always ride some things over...and over...and over...

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    Earlier in the year when I had more energy and less clumsiness, I would take my 4yo and not quite 2yo regularly by myself. Most attractions the kids will want to ride will be just fine for you to enjoy!


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    lots of other rides too. i do this all the time starting with my girls when they were 3 & 5.

    I'd add to the above list:

    Alice, Pinocchio, Autopia, Rodger Rabbit, Gadgets Go Coaster just off the top of my head.

    Matterhorn even if you're up for it and the little one is over 35". When my then 3-yr old was 35", i'd ride with her and have my oldest one in front.

    There's lots of stuff too at DCA.

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    I wouldn't take a two year old on the Matterhorn! Your child must have been brave to go on that at three!

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    There are also mickey and minnie's houses, princesses to meet, other characters to track down, Aladdins oasis (which they are both appropriately aged for), jungle cruise, the Mark Twain, the train, the tree house (I think its still open?), and I think you could all fit on Small world...or the older dd can sit in front of you and youngest. And the Sword and the Stone ceremony, and the parade, and just the atmosphere to take in...

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    I can assure you as a FL CM that the seating capacity for every single FL attraction is at least 3. They would have to be 7 to ride by themselves, but everything over there will let three of you on together. Tarzan's Tree House is still closed (and will be over Memorial Day weekend). But three of you will easily fit in one row at Small World and Pirates. And if it's not too scary, a Haunted Mansion doombuggy will hold three as well. You should have no problem at all filling your day with fun things. Have a great trip!

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    Oh, wow! You all are incredible! What quick and detailed info you provided. This helps a lot. Will definitely plan to go a 2nd day. Haven't been in 3 years, when my daughter was almost 2, and just couldn't remember the seating arrangements. Recently spent a day at Legoland and would have been VERY limited if we hadn't had the 2 + 2 ratio.
    Thanks again!!!!

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    I often take the 4 boys by myself and we can easily fill a day. The oldest is 6 so we don't do a ton of rides but we can do Casey Jr, the train, the monorail, Heimlich and the balloons at DCA. We see lots of shows, we always make cookies at Jr Chef (they always give an extra set of cookies to my 2 year old too so he doesn't feel left out) and we always run in the water at DCA, Turtle Talk is great and we love the drawing show at DCA. Aladdin too. We always go on Pirates and we love to stop and listen to teh Pirates sing outside the ride. My 6 year old and 5 year olds love to play the computer games over at Innoventions too. Small World will hold us all and we play over at Toon Town in the houses and park and we run over at Redwood play area.

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    I beleive that it also depends on the child. We are heading to DL in one week with our DD's (10 & 8) and our DS (just 4). He is ove 42" tall so has passed the mark for many rides.

    The rides we will do that can accomdate three together are Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, Soarin' over California, Big Thunder Mountain, Grizzly River Run, Haunted House, and Pirates of the Caribbean. These are all big thrill typ rides.

    If you are looking for rides that are sutable for smaller children, this is the link to the DL web site for Families with Toddlers:

    This is the link to the DL web site for Families with Kids:

    Have a blast and do the additional day...after all, how often do you get to Disneyland and it is more than you can see in one day. As previous posters have said, knock out the rides that you don't want to do with just the three of you on the day your husband is available, and then catch those rides you missed when it is you running solo.


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    Don't forget Winnie the Pooh, since it was not mentioned and all of It's a bugs Life. Have a lot of fun.



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