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Thread: Club 33 Reservation?

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    Club 33 Reservation?

    My husband and I will be going to Disneyland on Sunday to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. He proposed to me at Disneyland and we had our honeymoon at WDW and on the Disney Wonder. This will be the last time we go to Disneyland before moving from Los Angeles to Texas in a few weeks so it'll probably be many years before we can go again.

    I know this is a shot in the dark but if anyone has membership to Club 33, would you be willing to make us a reservation there? I'm not entirely sure how everything works but I know Club 33 is members only and it would be awesome to end this chapter of our lives by experiencing something as special as this.

    We don't need passes to Disneyland and we'll pay for our own food. We just need a reservation from a Club 33 member.



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    Sorry, I can't help ya. But I will tell you that if you get the invite you will have a wonderful time. My husband, son, and I have been to Club 33 twice (got to celebrate my son's 16th birthday there).

    I wish you luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aznaphrodite View Post
    My husband and I will be going to Disneyland on Sunday to celebrate our 1st year anniversary.
    Just FYI: less than 7 days is EXTREMELY short notice for Club 33 Reservations. Also, the park closes at 4 pm on Sunday so they'd be even rarer than on a regular Sunday. Usually you need several weeks notice to get reservations for a weekend.

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