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Thread: Attendance Records Of Disneyland?

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    Attendance Records Of Disneyland?

    Hey everyone, I'm a college student in an Econometrics class, and I really want to do my final project on the attendance of Disneyland. In order to do this, I need Data regarding the attendance at Disneyland (the more specific the better aka monthly attendance records would be more effective than yearly). Does anyone have any idea where I can come across this information? If there is no data available via the internet, do you think there is any chance of Disney providing me with this data? Any help would be awesome, thanks guys!


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    That is not easy data to come across, as Disney guards attendance figures pretty closely!

    Good luck...

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    Very long document and takes about a minute to load.

    "Historic attendance patterns"

    hope this provides some help

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    Go to and click on the When to Go/Attendance graphs on the left menu for more information. From there click on the Annual Visitor Totals link to see historical attendance at Disney parks.



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