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Thread: Is Oscar the chef still around?

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    Is Oscar the chef still around?

    It's sad to know that Rod Miller is no longer at the park, but that makes me wonder if Oscar is still around and if so, if it is okay to ask to meet him? I would love to meet someone who has been there from the Walt era. Anybody know about Oscar and are there any other "legend" cm's? (other than Maynard )


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    Yes, Oscar is still at the park. He works at the Carnation Cafe restaurant on Main Street. Whenever the park does anything with the "Legends" or older CMs he is always there, so he may not be at the restaurant. Try there next time.

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    yep, still going strong at the Carnation - stop by in the mornings and say "Hi" - this is his 50th year!!! He is such a pleasure and a gentleman - a true Disneyland classic!

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    Oscar stopped by our table last week while we were having lunch at the Carnation Cafe. He greeted me like an old friend and told me welcome back! Now I know that he doesn't remember me (since we only go to DLR 3X a year) but he was warm and charming! Seeing Oscar is another reason why we like eating at the Carnation Cafe!

    He also gave my MIL a receipe for the loaded potato soup and an autograph!

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    I recall him saying he was going to retire in a few months...but that was like 2 years ago!


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    We saw him on Monday (11/20) he was greeting customers at Carnation Cafe when we were there for lunch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by disney jones
    yep, still going strong at the Carnation -
    Ooooh, I wonder if he made my AMAZING loaded baked potato soup that I had 2 times last week? Yummy!

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    YES! Oscar is still there and he makes the rounds at Carnation Cafe. I loved it when the CMs wore their classes on their name tags because that is what insipred us to stike up a conversation with him (class of 1956). He is so sweet when he talks about being too shy to talk to Walt "back in the days." We also learned that he grew up about 20 miles from our home out here in the wilds of West Texas. Everytime we go back, he pretends (I'm sure) to remember us. I wish there were more like him

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    What does he look like? A very sweet man came up to our table when we were having lunch and asked us, "How's everything?" And, I told him it was wonderful. Is he shortish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by I Heart Disneyland!
    Is he shortish?
    Sort of. Not very tall at any rate. He would have been Hispanic. And in a chefs uniform.

    His full name is Oscar Martinez. His wife used to work there too, and she was Walt's favorite for making his ice cream sundaes just the way he liked 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Opus1guy
    Sort of. Not very tall at any rate. He would have been Hispanic. And in a chefs uniform.

    That was HIM!!! Oh how I wish I'd known about Oscar prior to my trip. We ate twice at Carnation Cafe as the potato soup is to die for!!!

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    I just love Oscar! We go visit Carnation and him at least once every visit. Last year I asked about the potato soup recipe and he had his head chef email it to me.

    I love the fruits of summer!

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    We go to the Carnation every trip at least once for breakfast. My kids now ask if Oscar will come by so they can say "hello". It is a very special part of DL to us.

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    Met him in August; nice man. Said he's in his last year.

    A bientot.

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    I was thinking about starting a new thread about Oscar as we were privileged enough to meet him last week on 2/13. But after searching I found this one. I just wanted to add how great he is and what a sweet and gracious man he is. When my boyfriend and I saw him come out, we were beyond excited and had to talk to him when he came by our table. He was so kind and talked to us for quite a while and also went by every table in the Caf to make sure everyone was happy. We even got our picture with him!

    After we told him how much we admired him he came back about ten minutes later with the latest edition of the CM newsletter. It features him and another CM. They both recently celebrated their 50th anniversaries at the park. Of course Oscar made it known that he had been there longer! He signed it and gave it to us...what a memento!

    He is truly a Disney legend and a wonderful man. What a pleasure!

    I just wanted to share with you all.

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    Bless his heart. He is such a nice man.

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    Thats it , I have been trying to convince DH that I NEED to go to DIsneyland !!! Severe and grandkids going to WDW next week which makes it worse, I should have gone but didnt long story..but now I want to go and meet Oscar and eat at the Carnation Cafe. Can you imagine after 50 years I havent eaten there at all , that needs to be fixed NOW!

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    We saw Oscar at the Carnation Cafe on Mon Feb. 12 too. He was greating guests at their tables. We were waiting in line to be seated and he was gone by the time our table was ready. Still it was special just to see him. I had to tell the inlaws how long he'd been there, etc.


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    Oscar is so cute. Me and my family have seen him over the years. He's a really nice old man.



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