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Thread: Healthiest Place to Eat at Disneyland (Anaheim)?

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    Healthiest Place to Eat at Disneyland (Anaheim)?

    This thread is inspired by an e-mail Steph and I received in response to our Dieting at Disneyland article.

    What do you think is the healthiest place to eat at Disneyland?


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    I don't think it's necessarily the place you go to eat, but what you are choosing to eat and how much of it you are actually consuming (i.e. portion sizes).

    For instance yes, the Blue Bayou sells the horribly calorie and fat laden Monte Cristo, but they also have healthier options (I haven't been recently, but I liked their side salad and stuffed mushrooms). And Storytellers cafe has some healthy options, but ther portions are GIMONGOUS, so unless you share you are in trouble. The fish tacos here are pretty good.

    I personally think White Water Snacks has some good options. They also substitute fruit for fries. I don't remember there being an upcharge.

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    I agree with Whitewater Snacks. Storytellers buffet had lots of fruit and low-fat choices.

    In Disneyland itself, that's a much tougher question. I think it becomes very wise to split entrees.

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    I like to get the kids meal with carrots.

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    Any of the stands that sell fresh fruit - one is across from the Village Haus, one's by the Jungle Cruise entrance, one's in DCA just south of A Bug's Land entrance, just to name a few

    Pizza Port in Tomorrowland has some good salad choices, plus the Chicken Fusilli or Tomato basil penne pasta

    Bengal BBQ- the vegetable and chicken skewers

    Blue Ribbon Bakery - has some healthy sandwiches

    Taste Pilot's Grille in DCA has a grilled chicken sandwich

    At the hotels, Granville's is my favorite for quality beef.

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    Redd Rockett's - for their salads. Definitely not the chicken fusili. I can't even imagine the amount of fat in that entree, but I'm sure it's a lot. It tastes wonderful, but it's not healthy food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stan4d_steph

    Tortilla Jo's Taqueria - tacos a la carte and black beans
    Yes, this is a great choice. Almost any of the salads with little dressing are good choices. Pasta with red sauce is fairly good too. I think in the restaurants you can get egg substitutes or ask for egg whites.

    I have found that sharing, even the fatty foods, helps. For instance when I want a churro I share with DH or one of the kids. The ice cream bars are huge and easily shared.

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    I don't know if WeightWatchers is the same in the US as in Belgium, but here... pasta is pretty much out of the question. Of course the WW-system as I know it, you can eat points based on your weight, so the more your "start weight" is, the more points you're allowed to eat, and at some point, the pasta isn't a problem anymore. But for me, the chicken fusilli would probably account for the points of my whole day (but it tastes so good...)

    Doesn't Disney have "nutritional" (sp?) information about their meals? I know McD's has them, or at least used to have that. That way, you could calculate the WW points!!!

    ow, if I am at DL, I forget my WW-diet for those couple of days, but I usually have a small breakfast (except for that huge character breakfast), have 1 Dole Whip in the afternoon and a light dinner in the evening (bread bowl + chowder). I guess it's more than I'm "allowed" to eat, but... it isn't as bad as eating all day long

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    Hungry Bear, has a great Turkey Sandwich. It was on fancy bread, I think it may have been rosemary bread. Just ask for no mayo and smear on the mustard.

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    Pizza Port is my top pick - they will customize your salad for you. I always get grilled chicken on salad minus the cheese and all the other stuff, and I pack my own low cal dressing. For dessert I hit the fruit cart for a pineapple spear - split it with my son.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SandraVB79
    Doesn't Disney have "nutritional" (sp?) information about their meals? I know McD's has them, or at least used to have that. That way, you could calculate the WW points!!!
    We;ve asked, and the official answer is that Disney will not offer this because they change their menus so often it would be a pain in the tush to have to send the recipies out for analysis every time. It can cost $1000 or more to have true nutritional data prepared for each recipie.

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