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Thread: Can a So Cal resident Purchase ticket for Non So Cal resident?

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    Can a So Cal resident Purchase ticket for Non So Cal resident?

    I know this has been discussed in regards to Southern California Annual passes, but I was wondering about regular tickets.

    I am a So Cal resident (Premium Pass holder) and I am going to The "D" this weekend. My friend from Northern California is coming down and we foind a great deal on a two-day park hopper ticket for Southern California residents. Is it possible for me to purchase the park hopper for her? I know at will call they will ask for my proof of residency, but do regular tickets have the name of the person that purchased the ticket on them? If so, that would be the only problem I could think of. What are your thoughts? Will I run into trouble? Thanks

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    The Official policy... you are Not supposed to do it.

    But everybody does, and I have never heard of anyone having an ID checked at the gate.

    Let me quote from the back side of one of the current "Pay for Disneyland, get DCA for FREE!" tickets. (Upper left corner)

    "Guests must reside within zip codes 90000-93599 or Baja California 21000-22999 to use this ticket for admission and proof of residency will be required...."
    This policy change was made with the SoCal offers starting in January 2005, and was put into plave to help prevent folks from selling them on eBay.

    As I said earlier, Disney reserves the right to check. But in the "real world", I have never heard of anyone not being allowed into the park because they didn't have ID.
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    My MIL from Tahoe bought one at the local Vons when she was going to go with us, and they never said anything to her, or checked ID. We just walked right in, and didn't have any problems.

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    Well I called the ticketting number and they said as long as I show my ID, it is no problem if my friend uses the ticket. At will call, all they will care about is seeing the ID of the person that purchased the ticket. So, that sounds like it will work to me. Haha. Thanks guys. Was just wondering if based on experience any of you knew if it would be a problem.

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    Last year I had the same question and called the ticketing office. I was told that the person who buys the ticket needs to be a So. Cal. resident but they can give the ticket to anyone. The person who uses it doesn't necessarily need to be a So. Cal. resident.



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