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Thread: Steve's log [& 50th Anniversary Photos (merged)]

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    Steve's log

    got here 3:35am, line is 7 columns wide, snaking into dca. guestimate 2 hrs to get into dca lol

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    5:07am and at the gates of DCA

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    ok in line, is a bit of a zoo. We are green group, way back by the citrus swing ride. line snakes down hollywood and out, then around past bugs life, over to paradise pier, then back to here.

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    i have taken tons of pics, most blurry, moving and dark and all. Will post tonight.

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    line snakes around paradise pier, turning at golden dreams down toward grizzly rapids, then at some pt back to golden dreams and past line going other way past napa restaurant.

    this is longest i have stood in line in DCA rofl

    only concern now is how orderly people will be once line starts moving.

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    moving now! green mergd with yellow, so much fot that rofl

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    on bridge now, fireworks and music coming from the park!

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    Must be a complete mad house!

    Long live HISTA and the DODGERS!!

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    Seems like they're letting people in much earlier than expected. What's there to do in Disneyland?

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    we have not moved for 15 or so mins, back near golden dreams. Green represent!

    yay moving!

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    hey - thanks Steve! fun to almost feel like we are there too Have a wonderful day!!!!

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    we are in! castmembers lined main st waving, cheering and hi fiving us, very well done!

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    All Right!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sriggins
    we are in! castmembers lined main st waving, cheering and hi fiving us, very well done!
    That's amazing! With all the CM attitude issues I've experienced and heard of, I hope the CM enthusiasm continues. I'm so happy to hear it! I love your updates. Thanks for sharing with those of us not joining the party.

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    we have had our cupcakes, mochas and signed up for the 1:30 vmk tour.

    Nobody seems to like the icing, very sweet.

    main st is filling up for 10am ceremony and picture down main st. large jumbo tron on east side og hub facing main st, we are camped out on curb with grand view.

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    main st and the outer ring of the hub are packed. e ticket ride is keeping people from encroching on our spot heh

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    oh a big thak you to Walt for the overcast and cool weather so far!!!

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    the crowd is electric on this most magical of days. People sharing line stories, like stand by filling esplanade and going all the way down downtown disney to monorail and back to trams! We had fast pass lol

    oh a song I wrote:

    its a gigantic sea of golden ears
    that seems to go on for years and years,
    theres so much that we share, none of us are in there,
    its a disneyland line afterall...

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    ooooh, I like your song. And I'm glad that the guests seem in a good mood today. I just pray that it stays that way (I'm doing Guest Control on Main Street today - yikes). Thank you for letting us all know what's going on. And I'm glad your enjoing your morning so far.

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    Thanks SO much for sharing these little mini posts...feels almost like I'm there! VERY COOL .

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    I'm just disappointed that O have to wait till Christmas to go.

    Long live HISTA and the DODGERS!!

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    There were definitely way more people this morning in DCA than the resort counted on (I knew it would be nuts but no one listens to me ). I ended up getting bounced from DL to DCA for a few hrs this morning to help with the crowd. Just before 6a these people came up to me and asked how to get out of the park-DCA. He said he and his wife hadn't expected as many people as there were and they just wanted to leave. I tried to talk him out of it. He'd already put in so much time. I told him it was only an hour before they started letting people into DL but he was adamant about leaving.

    I just can't believe someone would put in that much time and be that close and then just give up. So sad. Glad you hung in there Steve and anyone else. Me, I'm pooped. I did my 8 hrs and now I'm going to sleep.

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    Great updates!! I wish I was there but it is fun to see it through your eyes!!

    Why do people go on The Amazing Race without bothering to learn how to drive a stick shift?

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    Thanks so much for all of the updates! It really helps all of us who could not be there!



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