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Thread: Do moderators read Private Messages?

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    Do moderators read Private Messages?

    We've been getting a fair number of queries lately about whether moderators read the Private Messages you send back and forth.

    We've addressed this before (here, for example). But if the rumor that we do is flying around back channels I would like to say again:

    1) Yes, some representatives of MousePlanet can read your private messages. They are saved in databases that are on our servers. Just as your ISP can read all your email since the mail is stored on their servers we can do the same.

    2) No, we don't actually read them. None of the active moderators can even read them without going to administrators for help since the only way to do so it directly from the database. I can't even do it without asking for help. And the couple people who can do it, really don't care and wouldn't do it unless I told them to do so. And the threshhold for me authorizing that is really very, very high.

    So, hopefully that will set any worried minds at ease.

    This is not to say that all behavior in Private Messages is allowed. If people are harrassing or abusing each other via Private Message we'll invariably learn of it (from somebody involved) and deal with it if we think it appropriate. If you receive a Private Message that you think is spam or otherwise violates any MousePad Community Policies, please forward it to any MousePad Moderator or Administrator. We will investigate all reports and take appropriate action; we maintain a zero tolerance policy for spam on MousePad.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, here or privately.

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