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Thread: Community Policies: Disciplinary Actions

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    Community Policies: Disciplinary Actions

    If you see a member violating a community policy, please select the icon located at the bottom left of a post, and complete the Report Bad Post form. Please refrain from scolding or disciplining the offending member directly or publically, as that is the responsibility of the moderators. Doing so (especially repeatedly) may result in a moderator contacting you with a warning.

    There are various courses of action taken when a member violates a community guideline, depending on severity and circumstances. Response can vary from a reminder or a warning message, to temporary suspensions and permanent bans.

    Members who are temporarily suspended for rule violations can be identified with a "Suspended" label below their username on their posts. Suspensions vary in length, but in general are the result of an escalation or repeated violation of offending behavior, or of a willful violation of certain community guidelines. The duration of the suspension is clearly communicated by a moderator at the time that the suspension takes place.

    Persons who are banned are identified with "Banned" by their usernames. This is a permanent condition and is the severest of actions, occuring only in the most extreme of circumstances.

    Note that not all disciplinary actions are made based on public posts; a member can be suspended or banned for actions that are not apparent to the general membership at large.

    However, disciplinary actions of members are conducted privately. In order to respect the privacy of individuals and to avoid public discussions regarding persons who are no longer able to post on MousePad, moderators are not at liberty to discuss such actions, and cannot discuss moderator actions with other members or publically in the open forums.


    Sock puppets - While you are suspended, you may still continue to read MousePad without logging in. However, you are expressly forbidden from registering another account on the Pad. Although creating a second account is not allowed on MousePad under normal circumstances, doing so for the express purpose of using a "sock puppet" to skirt your suspension and post comments will result in the immediate revocation of your primary account, and your suspension will convert to a permanent ban. Persons whose accounts have been banned may also not create a new account on MousePad, and such requests are not approved.

    Grave dancing - When a member is suspended or banned as a result of violations made in public posts, do not publically celebrate the suspension or ban by "dancing on the grave" of the offending member (either in a post or in a signature block). This is expressly forbidden and may result in your your own suspension.

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