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Thread: Reward Yourself

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    Reward Yourself

    I've been reading through this forum tonight and am amazed at some of the stories. I think it is so awsome that you all are taking charge of your lives this way.

    So, as a congrats to yourselves do you have any rewards planned?

    My first reward will be on my birthday (end of april). I am going to get my bellybutton pierced. I found a great Tinkerbell navel ring at Hot Topic. I can't wait.

    My next reward will be in June. I'm going to get a new bikini and go pool hopping down on the strip.

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    no rewards for me yet...I've been exercsing (sp?) and getting preety sore, but no pound lost. I though I losy, but my pants still fit tight...*sigh*, but the blue jeans one wewre loser...maybe I should use the scale..LOL

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    When I was losing the original 30#s, I rewarded myself every 5#s with a massage, a pedicure, or some other "indulgence".

    Now, trying to lose the 5#s that I gained back (dang DLR trip!), I plan on rewarding myself with a spa day with the gals. I hope to do this by Spring Break!

    The biggest ongoing reward is not really having to "fuss" over outfits. I can pretty much grab any pair of jeans/pants outta my closet and off I go. I loooooooove that! Everything fits and it's awesome.

    I like your idea of a navel ring. Especially Tink! Good luck! Keep returning here. I find it very motivating to read everyone's posts.

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    My little rewards were things I wanted - usually CDs. Bigger ones were ****hes... as the sizes dropped... My goal weight one will be getting atatoo. But at the rate i'm going, that won't happen for a long long time! *LOL*

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    I just rewarded myself with a massage. My next "big" reward will be a body wrap (some kinda egyptian body wrap) that the masseuse "talked" me into! I guess that will be in a month or so. On my off days - once every 7 or 8 days they come around on my schedule- I have a glass (okay - a really large glass) of wine. I'm aiming for my first BIG goal - a 5K at the end of May. Once I finish that I'm on to training for the 1/2 marathon. Gonna take a break mid-Sept. for a week in Nags Head - other than that the big reward comes with a vacation surrounding the 1/2 marathon at WDW.

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    I reward myself by going to WDW. It was the only way I was able to convince myself to run the marathon and 1/2 marathon!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooshu
    I reward myself by going to WDW. It was the only way I was able to convince myself to run the marathon and 1/2 marathon!!!
    Woo hoo!! Have you registered for the WDW marathon/half-marathon?
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    Funny that you ask if I have registered yet!?! I can only force myself to train for the big run (and save enough money) to go every other year...sooo I'm not going again until 2007 . But I'm going to train for the full marathon for 2007 instead of the half.

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    I just did the LA Marathon (5 hours 46 minutes, thank you very much) and I'm going to Burke Williams on Sunday. A massage and a facial for me! Wohoo!

    I wish I could go to Disney for the half marathon (I think walking around WDW after the full would kill me), but since always at the beginning of January and it's always a busy time at work, I can't go.

    Next trip to WDW December 10-17 Wilderness Lodge for the merriest trip ever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by millionairegirl
    I just did the LA Marathon (5 hours 46 minutes, thank you very much)
    Holy smoke, that's great!
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