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Thread: FastPass "Disconnects"

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    FastPass "Disconnects"

    I know that the POTC FastPass is "disconnected" from the main network of FP, but I read that there are others - I'm sure someone out there knows which ones? Thanks in advance.

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    Well, Haunted Mansion will no longer offer Fastpasses with exception of Haunted Mansion Holiday. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is no longer offered. Splash Mountain uses the Pooh machines now. I thought ai heard something about Star Tours, and Autopia, but they'r estill being used today. Maybe in the future they might disconnect those attractions. Indiana Jones and Thunder Mountain are still going strong, although Thunder only uses them on weekends and slected days.

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    Not only is PoTC disconnected, it's been completely removed and no longer on the FP system.

    Search the threads on this board for Darkbeer's Fastpass report - it was very thorough and had all the details.

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    Autopia is connected, unfortunately. We tried to get a FP when we still had a FP for Indy. For some reason, I thought they weren't connected. Oops. We had to stand in an actual line since the kids had their hearts set on it.

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    With the removal of FP from HM after the holidays, the "disconnected" FP attractions are Star Tours, Roger Rabbit, and Grizzly River Run.

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    I'm pretty sure that DLP and DCA are not connected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tahnok100
    I'm pretty sure that DLP and DCA are not connected.
    That seems likely.
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    Ok..... when you guys say "disconnected", do you mean LITERALLY or do you mean just speaking in terms of servers. I guess what I mean is... are they going to stop all together giving out fastpasses on many rides? I am looking at going in June and one reason I am booking at DLH through AAA is for the multiple fastpasses... I have heard about the fact that the servers are seperate for certain rides, so I know you can get more than one anyway, but my 3 year old and my bf both hate lines so I am buying the AAA tickets..... if they are going to stop using fastpasses and only leave a few machines running then that would byte! Thanks.

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    When they say disconnected they mean you can get a fastpass for as many disconnected rides at the same time as well as one connected ride. They are just disconnected from the system that keeps track of if you already have another fastpass. (Example- You could get an indiana jones and star tours FP at the same time)

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    Here is the link to my latest FASTPASS guide, it has all the information about FASTPASSes and how they work...


    Also, they plan to add Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain when they open to the Networked system.

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    i guess they feel some of these rides dont need a fast pass anymore

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    Once again, I knew you would have the answer. Thank you.
    Darkbeer, do you live at Disneyland?!

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    I skimmed over the Fastpass guide posting, and saw something that shocked me:

    Mulholland Mistake has Fastpass? WHY? Are there that many Mulholland Masochists out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbquikcomjamesl
    I skimmed over the Fastpass guide posting, and saw something that shocked me:

    Mulholland Mistake has Fastpass? WHY? Are there that many Mulholland Masochists out there?

    OMG! I was forced to ride it 8 times yesterday! My girls (5 & 7) LOVE IT!

    Unfortunately, I had to ride, too, because my oldest is not tall enough to "supervise" my youngest.

    I saw my Chiropractor first thing this morning!!



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