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Thread: Country Bears to Sing Disney Songs

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    Country Bears to Sing Disney Songs

    Ok, this one sucks, IMHO.

    "Disney Imagineer Chris Beatty told the Destination D23 audience that when the show debuts, the bears will be reinterpreting favorite Disney songs in different genres of country music like rockabilly, bluegrass, pop-country and other styles."

    Click here for full article.


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    My initial reaction was the same. Then I watched a video (Braden from Mickey Views) discussing what might be involved with the upgrade.

    Braden suggests the upgrade of the animatronics from older hydraulic technology to more modern servo motor based technology is an update that will allow the show to be reprogrammed much more easily than the old hydraulics.

    If that's true, even if the currently defined show may not turn out to be my cup of tea, I hold hope that it may be changed easily in the future if it's not as popular as hoped with the new show theme.

    I can see the point he makes that if it was just left alone it may have been more likely to be removed entirely due to potential future costs/challenges of maintaining the original technology (or at least older, not sure if it's ever been upgraded significantly since it's debut).

    So maybe there is some good potential with this update, even if not in the initial re-imagining announced for the immediate future...

    Maybe the Christmas Country Bears show (or similar, if not the same show offered in the past) could be re-visited as an overlay if it is easier to modify the show with the new tech.




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