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Thread: Pammer ~ September 13 - 17, 2022 ~ Offsite

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    Pammer ~ September 13 - 17, 2022 ~ Offsite

    Travel dates: September 13 17, 2022
    Travel method: Southwest
    Resort: Camelot Inn (Off-site)
    Accommodations: Standard
    Ages Represented in Group: Adult
    Disney Resort Experience Represented in Group: Veteran
    Comments: Let's make good use of our new Enchant Magic Keys ~ Part III!
    Cast of characters:
    • Pam, 61: trip planner/writer/self-proclaimed Disney Queen!
    • James, 62: Pam's hubby who likes Disneyland but is not as fanatic as Pam!

    The Planning

    This trip was tentatively booked for September 13-17 as our first trip after the long hot summer season; however, we are well aware of how much the temperature can fluctuate this time of year and were ready to cancel if the highs were to be 90 or above (heat is very hard on me). The week before ended up being a scorcher, but luckily our week is forecasted to be in the low 80s, so the trip is on! We're sorry to not see the Main Street Electrical Parade again, but will enjoy seeing the Halloween decor during our visit and hopefully catch Fantasmic! on Friday night.

    I had also hoped to spend some theme park time with my cousin Debbie; however, she chose to not renew her Enchant Magic Key so I will be on my own in the mornings as usual.

    Lodging: I booked a Two-Bedroom Family Suite in March at the Camelot Inn on Harbor Blvd.

    Airfare: I booked airfare on Southwest Airlines using points at the end of May, and then rebooked a few times to get a lower rate when they had their various sales.

    Ground Transportation: We will park our car at the Sacramento airport and use Lyft between SNA & Anaheim.

    Tickets: We have active Enchant Magic Key passes.

    Theme Park Reservations: As each daily window opened up for us starting in mid-June, I made reservations each day until all 4 days of this trip were booked:

    • September 13: Start at Disneyland Park
    • September 14: Start at Disneyland Park
    • September 15: Start at Disney California Adventure
    • September 16: Start at Disneyland Park

    Priority Seating: I totally forgot to start booking reservations at 60 days out on my first available date, so I never was able to book the Lamplight Lounge. The World of Color Dessert Party was also totally sold out for the night I wanted until about a week before, so I grabbed it right away. I did remember to get up before 6am to get a reservation at Blue Bayou for the last day; I am hoping to convert my food to the Fantasmic! Dining Package, but they've since changed the way you reserve it, so I don't know if it will work out. Cafe Orleans added a new food item to their menu that I was interested in trying, so I made a reservation there on our first full day ~ everything else will probably be counter-service:

    • September 14: Cafe Orleans @ 12:30pm; World of Color Dessert Party @ 8pm (me only)
    • September 15: Wine Country Trattoria @ 12:35pm
    • September 16: Blue Bayou (possible Fantasmic! Dining Package for me) @ 11am

    The Itinerary

    Here was the result of my pre-planning:

    • September 13: Fly down in the afternoon; check-in to the Camelot Inn; Disneyland/DCA
    • September 14: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at Cafe Orleans @ 12:30pm; World of Color Dessert Party @ 8pm (me only)
    • September 15: DCA/Disneyland; lunch at the Wine Country Trattoria @ 12:35pm
    • September 16: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at the Blue Bayou (possible Fantasmic! Dining Package for me) @ 11am
    • September 17: Check-out of the Camelot Inn; fly home in the afternoon

    Monday, September 12, 2022 (1 day before departure)

    Actual: I spent the day doing my normal pre-departure tasks (laundry, packing, house-cleaning) and dropped off our house key with our neighbor who cat-sits Sidney for us. I also printed off our boarding passes around 2:15pm (A48 & A49), and went to Subway to get James his foot-long veggie sandwich for tomorrow ($8.11); James did his usual tasks as well!

    I was in bed before midnight, but my legs & back were hurting so I got back up and took a Motrin so I could hopefully sleep better!

    Tuesday, September 13, 2022 (85o)
    Plan: Fly down in the afternoon; check-in to the Camelot Inn; Disneyland/ DCA

    Actual: I woke up at 6:30am and never could get back to sleep, so I got up around 8:15am; James followed around 10am. For some reason, we were running behind this time and left the house just after noon, which was 30mins later than planned! Or course, we had traffic and a train to slow us down, but we arrived at the airport around 12:40pm.

    James dropped off curbside me, my new electric wheelchair (EWC), our big suitcase, and a couple of my smaller bags that I could balance on my lap, and he went to park in the Daily Lot, rather than the Economy Lot we ALWAYS park in; the shuttles aren't running as frequently to the Economy Lot anymore (allegedly every 20-30mins) and we really didn't have the extra time to wait, so he used the Daily Lot where the shuttles run every 10-15mins instead! Its only $2 more per day, so an extra $10 per trip ~ well worth the extra money. (Thanks to candles71 for the tip about the Daily Lot!)

    We had purchased a new spinner suitcase (with Darth Vader on the side!)... that would be easiest for me to handle while also driving the EWC vs. a standard 2-wheel suitcase. I first went over to the regular check-in area, thinking full-service was over there, but a very nice ticket agent directed me to the counter on the opposite side, AND she wheeled my suitcase over for me as well! It was the first time flying with "this thing" and I had tried to educate myself ahead of time by reading the applicable section on Southwest's website; I also printed off their Mobility Aid Information Form, one for each flight, and had already filled them out.

    Note: this thing is a Ranger Discovery electric wheelchair; it folds down like a stroller and only weighs about 50lbs! James found a barely used one via Craig's List in Sunnyvale after we returned from our last trip to DL, a real bargain! We wanted something portable to bring with us to avoid the daily ECV charges I've been paying; it has a joystick that I'm not crazy about & am still learning to use!

    Another very nice ticket agent inspected the EWC and gave me a new boarding pass that noted the EWC and request for pre-boarding. He also checked in my big suitcase (30#) and told me to check in with the gate agent for a claim check on the EWC.

    I headed over to the elevator and there was an older couple waiting for it as well; I told them to board first and then they couldn't figure how to hold the doors open and it closed on me before I could board! Oh well ~ I ended up getting out of the EWC, switching to manual mode, and pushing it once the elevator returned for me. I continued pushing it all the way onto the tram and through the Pre-TSA check-in line! That was much easier for me since I'm such a newbie using that darn joystick ~ LOL!

    At TSA, I walked through the scanner and then they pushed the EWC through before doing a manual inspection of it; I was cleared, so I grabbed my bags from the belt and left. I went to fill my water bottle up and then sat in the food court dining area to wait for James ~ it was now just after 1pm. I ate the Lunchables I'd brought from home and also used the airport Wi-Fi to update some apps we would need today (primarily Southwest, Lyft, & Disneyland), as they don't update quickly at home.

    In the meantime, James had to figure out how to get in to the Daily Lot, find a parking spot (there were only a couple hundred left), and then decide how the bus stops worked! He only had a 10min wait for a shuttle and then we were meeting up around 1:20pm, about 40mins after arriving at the airport.

    We were still feeling rushed, so we headed down to Gate B19; I went up to the counter to get a gate claim check for the EWC and they put it on the handle of the EWC cover, rather than the EWC itself.

    We were first in line to pre-board and I headed down quickly to the plane; we clumsily started breaking down the EWC for storage: removing & storing the joystick, removing the seat cushion, folding up the EWC, putting the travel cover on, and then OOPS, we'd forgotten to remove the batteries! I got scolded by James on that one, as he then had to remove the cover, unfold the EWC, take out the batteries, refold the EWC, and put the cover back on; through all this the gate agent is at the other end of the jetway wanting to start the regular boarding & the grounds crewman was waiting to take the EWC from us! The whole process still only took a few minutes, but was a big pain; the grounds crewman was fine to let us do all the work though!

    We put the joystick, batteries, & cushion in the bag we'd brought and stored everything in the overhead bins we could; I wanted to sit bulkhead, which meant no underseat storage in front of me, so I just kept my phone, pen, & trip notes, with me and put my backpack above. James didn't want to put his CPAP up above, so he chose the 3rd row across the aisle and at the window. I could tell he wasn't happy with how difficult the process of folding the EWC went, but we both realized it was our first time and it's going to be a learning curve for us.

    We held up the line multiple times as we tried to stow everything and take our seats, but we still took off a few minutes early so no worries there!

    I had Coke Zero, James had OJ (the Flight Attendant forgot him the first time & had to come back with his drink later!), plus their yummy snack mix; James also ate his Subway sandwich on the plane, since he didn't have enough time beforehand.

    We landed a few minutes early, collected our EWC at the gate (last item out since first item in!), which consisted of installing the batteries, cushion, & joystick, and were pretty much the last ones up the jetway. We collected our checked bag, I used the restroom, and then requested an XL ride from Lyft (we needed the extra space for the EWC!).

    We were originally assigned Choong in a Toyota Sienna van and we headed over to the parking garage to wait for him. He arrived with 3 rows of seats and a narrow cargo space and would NOT listen to James when stowing the EWC; James didn't want anything alongside it and Choong continued to put the big suitcase next to the EWC in that little space. James was ticked and told the guy never mind, we'd get another ride, so we got our stuff out of this car and waited a few minutes before requesting another ride. Choong marked us as a missed ride, but I really would have liked to give feedback to Lyft on him but I didn't know how. Fortunately, they reversed the missed ride fee right off the bat, since it was within 5mins.

    Our next driver was Johan, also in a Toyota Sienna with 3 rows, but at least he listened to James on how to stow our luggage in his vehicle & even lowered the 3rd row of seats to increase the cargo space! There was a lot of traffic on the freeways, but we were in the carpool lanes most of the time; Johan was a great driver and dropped us off at the Camelot Inn & Suites just before 5pm.

    I checked us in and we were given room #502, which is my favorite location (top floor, closest to the front); I also cancelled an extra reservation I had for mid-November, since we were coming back the first week of November instead. We then took all of our gear upstairs and briefly checked out the room. We turned on the A/C on both sides, stored our valuables in the safe, installed the cup holder onto the EWC, and headed out around 5:30pm.

    We headed down Harbor & I stopped at The Pizza Press, while James continued on to the CVS on Katella, where he got 2 gallons of water, 2 sandwiches, and some OJ.

    A nice lady held the door open for me and I parked the EWC near the booths. It was late afternoon and the sun was glaring in to the restaurant through all of the windows so most of the open seating area was in sunlight.

    I had no wait at The Pizza Press and ordered 2 cheese pizzas (me), 2 Publish Your Own pizzas (mostly veggie, plus ham for James), and a soda around 5:45pm (I use my leftovers for my breakfasts.)

    I got our drink and ended up moving to seating away from the booths; I lowered the sunshades and James arrived soon after the pizzas were ready.

    We each ate about 2/3 of one of our pizzas and carried the rest back to the room, along with our supplies from CVS. I'd remembered to bring the big plastic bag that I'd gotten from PP in January, which made it a LOT easier to carry everything, plus I could balance them on my lap while holding the drink in my left hand & using the joystick with my right!

    We arrived back at the room around 6:10pm, put our food in the fridge, and noticed it was leaking; James was able to trouble-shoot and determine the drainage hole had gotten blocked somehow. We put the cane holder on the EWC, attached the cane, and headed back out around 7:10pm.

    We quickly went through security and they wanded me since I was in my EWC. I was given the "all-clear" and we entered Disneyland Park (the park was open until midnight this week), as there was a Halloween party at Disney California Adventure tonight.

    I stopped at the Guest Relations kiosk in Tomorrowland, as there was a line at the kiosk by The Plaza Inn, to speak with CM Kelsey about renewing my Disability Access Service (DAS) pass, as it had expired since our last trip (they are good for 60 days, if you have a Magic Key; otherwise, they are good for the duration of your ticket), and then we got a DAS return time (RT) for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (8pm @ 7:25pm).

    We went into Fantasyland, parked the EWC, and went over to the exit for Pinocchio's Daring Journey, intending to ride via their Transfer Access Vehicle (TAV); there was a CM stationed outside who said that we needed a return time when the standby wait is over 20mins! This was news to me but she ended up letting us go on since there was only the two of us and no one was waiting inside; in fact, the TAV arrived right then & we were able to board immediately!

    We were in the very last room when the ride broke down and all of the lights came on! The CM from the exit came through and evacuated us along with several other guests; fortunately, I have enough mobility to safely exit the vehicle and the ride.

    We collected the EWC and headed back to ride Buzz around 8pm; I was shocked that James only beat me 556,500 (+200 on the other gun), which was #87 at the time, to my 553,500! Too bad my score wasn't on my photo to support my claim, but I memorized the score just in case the picture was screwed up as it often is!

    I was bushed, due to my lack of sleep overnight, and the park was pretty busy anyway, so we left around 8:30pm; we stopped at McDonald's for 2 Big Macs and a double hamburger and then I stopped in the lobby for an extra room key (you need one to turn on the power when you enter the room & we were always afraid to forget it when we left and then be short a key!) and also to request a new battery for the safe.

    Maintenance came by a few minutes later to replace the battery; apparently James had misread the message and it wasnt a "LO BAT" error after all so it was fine. We unpacked & got settled; I wrote messages on the postcards I brought for my 94-year-old Aunt and my brother and also updated my trip notes. It was great to not have any pain in my legs, feet, or back for once, thanks to my new EWC!

    All this took a lot longer than I wanted, and I didn't get in bed until 11:45pm; I was still a bit wired, so it took several minutes for me to calm down! James went to bed around 2am.

    Thoughts about the day:
    • Using the Daily Lot at the airport was a great time-saver, especially since we were already running about 30mins late when we left the house!
    • The electric wheelchair is a great investment so far; we just need to get used to folding & unfolding it more quickly & efficiently.
    • A repeat from our last trip: I wish DL would fix the Buzz photo service; many times, we either have no score or no picture at all!
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    Wednesday, September 14, 2022 (82o)
    Plan: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at Cafe Orleans @ 12:30pm; World of Color Dessert Party @ 8pm (me only)

    Actual: My alarm went off at 6:30am (already?!) and I had a couple slices of leftover pizza for breakfast as I got ready; I was moving a bit slow this morning, but was out the door around 7:40am with my EWC. The lines for security were quite long already, but the lines for both parks were fairly short, so I was going through the turnstile for DL just in time to hear the end of the welcome song.

    I pulled over to the side before going through the tunnel to make a DAS RT for Space Mountain (8:10am @ 8:05am) and then made my way towards their exit. I parked my EWC and asked for a Location Return Time (LRT), just in case I needed one later (8:20am @ 8:15am), and then they sent me down to ride without scanning my DAS RT since the wait was still so short (which is why I come here first thing in the morning)!

    UNFORTUNATELY, the ride went down just as I got to the loading zone with all lights on; the CM said it looked like it would be a long downtime rather than a short one, so I went back up to my EWC. I canceled the DAS RT for Space through the app, but kept the LRT ~ again, just in case! I made a DAS RT for Star Tours - The Adventures Continue (8:34am @ 8:29am) and then went to ride Buzz, since it was a 5min standby wait. I was thrilled to score 392,500, which was #20 at that time!

    I next went over to ST, parked my EWC outside, and took the elevator up to ride, where I got a few old-school elements (Stormtroopers, pod race, Admiral Ackbar, & Boba Fett).

    I made a DAS RT for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (9:15am @ 9:10am) and then bought a Toffee Pretzel from the ODV cart in Tomorrowland (cream cheese-filled pretzel sprinkled with toffee sugar); it was a seasonal offering that I'd read about before the trip and was interested in trying it. I took it to a table by Galactic Grill to eat as it was a sticky sweet mess! It was tasty but a bit too sweet, even for me, especially at that hour of the morning! The toffee sugar was not worth the extra $1.25 over a regular cream cheese-filled pretzel either, and I wish I'd just gotten a regular Mickey pretzel! Oh well ~ good to know!

    I made my way over through Tomorrowland & Fantasyland, stopping to quickly wash my hands from the sticky toffee sugar, and then parked my EWC at the exit to BTMR, where I checked in for "The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness"; I also made a DAS RT for Haunted Mansion Holiday (10:18am @ 9:48am)!

    After BTMR, I had just enough time to get to The Enchanted Tiki Room at 10am; I love this show but sure do miss CM Maynard!

    I left the Tiki Room and pulled over to the side to see if Space was back up yet (it hadn't been all the other times I'd previously checked) ~ it was (YAY), so I cancelled the DAS RT for HMH and made one instead for Space (10:53am @ 10:18am)!

    I crisscrossed the park and went straight to the exit of Space, which was much busier than it was earlier today! I parked my EWC and redeemed my LRT, then was fortunate enough to ride two more times without going back up the ramp since the CM called and there was room for me (I always ask for Row 6 in those instances, as I don' need to be in the first row to have a great time!) ~ whoo-hoo!!!

    I cancelled the DAS RT for Space while waiting for my third ride and made one for HMH (11:25am @ 10:45am), then made my way in that direction once I was done riding Space. I parked along the brick wall outside of HMH in the Accessible parking area to wait for my DAS RT window to open up, then saw that I had missed a call from James around 11:20am (he'd been woken up early by a scam phone call). I called him back and directed him over to meet up with me at HMH and I would see if they were OK with him joining me on the ride.

    We met up a few minutes later and the CM at the exit podium directed me over to the Lightning Lane entrance at the front; I explained to that CM there that I had a DAS RT for me and that James was listed on my DAS, but not on the RT, and they were fine with it. We took the EWC in with us, parked it to the side of the entrance by the hearse, and then were directed inside. I really love this attraction, but hate that my eyes have the hardest time adjusting to the dim light inside and I was clutching James the whole time until we got to our "doom buggy"!

    After we exited and retrieved my EWC, I found a shady spot to wait for the virtual queue for World of Color to open up at 12pm; I was successful and able to snag the first showing as we wanted (mostly for James, since I have the WoC Dessert Party tonight for me).

    We then went to check-in at Cafe Orleans for our 12:30pm dining reservation; we parked the EWC next to the podium and then I made a DAS RT for Rise of the Resistance (1:12pm @ 12:07pm). We looked around the shops in New Orleans Square while waiting for the notification that our table was ready; that came at 12:15pm and we headed right over. We had asked for inside and were seated at the exact table we'd had on a previous visit!

    Our server was CM Danielle and she took our drink orders right away: Diet Coke for me and a Mint Julep for James. She also took our food orders; I wanted to try their Steak Frites, which were new to the menu (Flat Iron Steak, which I ordered Medium Well, Pommes Frites, Remoulade and Salsa Verde)...

    ...and James got the Roasted Chicken (with Mashed Potatoes, Market Vegetables, and Chicken Jus). Everything was very tasty, although my steak was closer to medium rare than medium well!

    We settled the bill and headed towards Star Wars Galaxy's Edge to ride Rise (after a bathroom break, of course!); we were able to watch the Sailing Ship Columbia sail past us too!

    Right after checking in to Rise, I made a DAS RT for BTMR (1:55pm @ 1:20pm).

    We escaped Kylo Ren and the First Order again and then James looked through the shops in SWGE while I waited in the shade nearby. He found this stupid hat that is part of the costume for one of the SWGE CMs that he'd wanted before but wasn't available for purchase; now it is, and he dragged me up to the store to show it to me. The CM got a kick out of our discussion: he loved it and I hated it, but I bought it for him in the end!

    We left SWGE with James wearing his new (ugly) hat (!) and then went to the exit of BTMR to ride with our DAS RT; I made another DAS RT for Buzz right after checking in (2:35pm @ 2:05pm).

    to be continued...
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    Wednesday, September 14, 2022 (82o) ~ Part II
    Plan: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at Cafe Orleans @ 12:30pm; World of Color Dessert Party @ 8pm (me only)

    We made our way over to Tomorrowland and looked through Star Traders, before checking in for our ride on Buzz. James ended up with another fantastic score: 1,236,400, which was #5 at that time!

    I ended up with a lowly 297,300.

    I next went over to the Guest Relations kiosk in Tomorrowland to get a DAS RT for Toy Story Midway Mania! (4pm @ 3pm) since we haven't park-hopped yet, while James went to the Popcorn ODV cart to purchase the Magic Key reflective pink balloon popcorn bucket, which included a box of very salty, but tasty, popcorn. We have the blue one at home & he really liked this one as well, so into our collection it will go!

    We badly needed a break, so we left DL and briefly went through the DCA turnstiles before heading back to the room around 3:30pm to nap and recharge the EWC.

    We left for DCA around 5:50pm and went all the way to the back of the park to ride TSMM via their accessible vehicle; I also made a DAS RT for WEB SLINGERS right after we checked in (6:53pm @ 6:08pm). James again beat me on TSMM: he scored 220,200 (which we think is possibly a new record for him) to my 186,300 (I'm always happy to score more than 150k, but have yet to break the 200k mark!).

    After we exited, we went to Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta, where we found a spot in the crowded dining area to park my EWC next to an open table. We went inside to get our food: James got the spaghetti & meatballs with pomodoro sauce, I got a slice of pepperoni pizza, and we shared a Coke Zero, before coming back outside to the table to eat.

    Everything was tasty as usual, and we left to ride WEB around 7pm; our car scored 856,900 and I beat James 213,900 to his 141,000 (I think one of the reasons I like this attraction so much is that it's about the only one at which I can beat him ~ LOL!).

    To be continued...
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
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    Wednesday, September 14, 2022 (82o) ~ Part III
    Plan: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at Cafe Orleans @ 12:30pm; World of Color Dessert Party @ 8pm (me only)

    I stopped for a bathroom break and James took the EWC to the backside of Grizzly River Run, where they had begun queuing for the 8pm seating of the World of Color Dessert Party, and got in line for me. We met back up, switched places, and he left to do the single-rider line for Radiator Springs Racers. (He usually can do this a couple of times while I'm at the DP, but the SR line was 40mins, so he only got one ride in!)

    So ~ I was in the check-in queue for the DP around 7:35pm, which they went through and checked us in party-by-party; around 8pm, they started taking us in groups to the second check-in area, where they confirmed our name and then took us to our assigned table number. Since I had the EWC, they took me way down further where there were no steps and then had me park my EWC in the disability seating area, which was a roped off area with a bunch of benches in it. Then I backtracked to my table, where I was seated with a mother/grown daughter and later a single gentleman. I enjoyed chatting with my tablemates while sampling the cheese, crackers, and a few of the desserts along with a glass of sparkling wine (e.g., champagne); they also gave us a bottle of water and I later asked for a can of Diet Coke as well, instead of another alcoholic drink.

    About 8:45pm, I decided I wanted to use the restroom before the performance, so I walked back out the way I'd come in to avoid all of the stairs (even though they are very low). They warned me to return before showtime, as the lights would dim and I would have issues seeing to find my way back to my table!

    I went to the restroom I'd used earlier near GRR and was on my way back; I was watching my feet & dodging all of the foot traffic back there, including children & teenagers darting here & there, when I heard someone call my name: here was James walking towards me! It was a complete fluke; he was thirsty and trying to find somewhere to get something to drink and we just happened to be in the same place at the same time ~ crazy!!!

    I had the water bottle on my EWC, but I also had that cold bottle of water on the table, so he followed me back to the entrance of the DP and waited for me to grab the bottle, bring it back, & hand it through the CMs to him. I made it back to the table with about 5mins to spare before showtime.

    We enjoyed the WoC, me from my DP location and James stood in front of The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Undersea Adventure.

    James was able to escape right at the end and get ahead of the crowd, whereas it took me quite awhile to get my EWC and head towards the park entrance; I ended up pushing the chair in manual mode since it was SO crowded and I was afraid of running over someone who might dart into my path, which happened A LOT!!!

    I met up with James at our pre-determined location outside of Elias & Co. around 9:35pm, near the headless horseman statue. I sat there for a few minutes resting & listening to the haunted music & horse noises, while James ate the grapes from my DP leftovers.

    We perused Elias & Co., where I purchased a ribbed tank top with an embroidered Jasmine holding a magic lamp, and headed back to our room around 10pm.

    We watched "Challenge USA" together, and then I worked on my trip notes on my side of the suite while James watched different TV shows on his side; it took me a long time to get situated, so I didn't get to bed until 1:20am! James followed shortly thereafter around 1:30am.

    Things we missed: Star Tours (James only), Disneyland Monorail, all of Fantasyland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones Adventure, Jungle Cruise, and pretty much all of DCA except for WEB SLINGERS, Toy Story Midway Mania!, & Soarin' Around the World.

    Thoughts about the day:
    • I'm still learning to use & navigate with my new EWC, but it can be speedy (much more than the Disneyland ECV's!) if I don't have anyone in front of me ~ I can even leave James behind for a change! I just wish people wouldn't cut in front of me; I really don't want to run anyone over!
    • It's fun to sometimes try the seasonal food offerings; however, most were either pumpkin-flavored or spicy, neither of which we care for. The Toffee Pretzel was WAY too sweet, and therefore a failure with me.
    • I wish my eyes would adjust to the dim light inside Haunted Mansion Holiday more quickly!
    • I enjoyed the Steak Frites at Cafe Orleans enough that we will dine there again on our next trip, as long as they are still on the menu. 😊
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
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    Thursday, September 15, 2022 (81o)
    Plan: DCA/Disneyland; lunch at the Wine Country Trattoria @ 12:35pm

    Actual: My alarm went off at 8am ~ I really should have gone to bed earlier last night, or rather, this morning! At least I had an extra hour of sleep; I usually only want to ride Guardians of the Galaxy a few times before meeting up with James for lunch on our DCA-start day since he isn't a fan ~ anything else we usually will ride together.

    I left the room around 9:15am and headed to DCA, where there were short lines for both security and for the parks. My first task upon entry through the turnstile was a DAS RT for Guardians (9:37am @ 9:22am); I then thought briefly about riding Soarin' Around the World via their standby line, but then decided to see if I could find Snickers, the Disney cat that hangs out near GRR, instead (there used to be another Disney cat named Francisco in the area, but I've been told by different CMs that he has been adopted).

    SUCCESS!!! Snickers was right near the fence and was very happy to let me pet her & take a few photos of her; she wasn't as friendly with most of the guests who saw me with her & she got spooked by a CM pushing a loud cart past us at one point, but I was thrilled to see her (I LOVE cats, almost as much as I love Disney!).

    I crisscrossed over to Guardians, parked the EWC near the exit in the shade, and checked in for my first ride; I immediately made another DAS RT for it (10:44am @ 9:49am). I had one of my two favorite versions: "I Want You Back", so it doubled my fun!

    After my first ride, I sat on my EWC for a few minutes and then realized I could start making theme park reservations for our next trip, so I made one for 11-4-22 (starting at DL park) and one for 11-3-22 (starting at DCA) for both James & me; I will make the third one once James has entered the park today.

    I then messaged my cousin Debbie about trying to meet up for lunch during our next trip; she didn't renew her key so it will have to be in Downtown Disney, which she was totally up for! We'll finalize plans when the trip gets closer.

    Another seasonal offering I was interested in trying were the Snack Molecules (flavored popcorn, mini pretzels, honey-roasted peanuts, and popped sorghum with mini peanut butter candies) from Pym Tasting Lab, so I put a Mobile Order in for it, with a pickup time of 10:25am-10:30am, which would be the time after I walked over there!

    I picked up the snack and was surprised to find it in a little sack; I guess I really didn't know what to expect, but that wasn't it!

    I went back to my EWC and ate some of it with my water; it was tasty enough that I would order it again, although it was a bit pricey so I wouldn't make a special trip for it!

    It was finally time for my second ride on Guardians, so I checked in and immediately made a DAS RT for ride #3 (11:39am @ 10:44am); this time I got "Free Ride", which I had not had in AGES so I really enjoyed the video segments with the song!

    I looked through the shop at the end afterwards and was admiring the little purse that was supposed to look like Quill's Walkman, although in blue vinyl. It was cute, but they had the outside zipper zip-locked so you couldn't open it to see the inside without help from a CM; I decided to think about it for now.

    I headed over to use the restroom in Hollywoodland and the Red Car Trolley was sitting on the tracks, so I took a couple of photos since it wasn't moving!

    Soon it was time to check in for my third ride on Guardians, and I again made another DAS RT for it (12pm @ 11:35am); the timing is a bit tight, so I'll decide whether to chance it before lunch or not.

    I again had "Free Ride", but I didn't care because 1) I hadn't had this version in so long and 2) I freakin' LOVE this ride!!!

    I ended up canceling my 4th DAS RT on it just before noon, as I was happy with my morning so far!

    I noticed I had a missed call from James a few minutes before, so I called him back and we arranged to meet near the Wine Country Trattoria. I headed in that direction via the Avengers Campus, and stopped in the shade by the grape vines to see if James had entered the park yet; he had, so I made a DAS RT for TSMM (12:46am @ 12:06am).

    I continued on to WCT and found James waiting for me! He must have walked past the ramp I was on by the vineyard and walked up the steps just down the way, thereby just missing me! He told me that he had again been woken up by a scam call this morning, so that sucks for him (only close family members have his cell phone number, and he rarely uses it anyway).

    There were several CMs standing at the podium for WCT, but the restaurant wasn't open yet and they couldn't start checking anyone in yet either, so we went to sit in a shady spot to wait. At 12:15pm, I started the check-in online, noting that we were now a party of 2 rather than 3 (since Debbie didn't renew her key), and they called us just before our reservation time of 12:30pm.

    They were going to sit us outside, but we asked for an indoor table instead, even though it was a pretty nice day weather-wise so far. We were able to park my EWC just outside & out of the way where we could still watch it from our table.

    Servers kept going back and forth from the kitchen to the outdoor tables for quite a while before we finally had someone stop at our table; our server was CM Roberto and we were ready to give him our order by the time he arrived: Rib-Eye Steak (served with creamy Garlic-stacked Potatoes) and a Diet Coke for me...

    ...and the Tuscan Salad with Shrimp (Blend of Romaine and Radicchio, Red and Yellow Grape Tomatoes, Celery, Green Beans, Cannellini Beans, and Roasted Peppers, with creamy Italian Dressing on the side) and the Pomegranate Lemonade for James. Unfortunately, they ended up being out of the PM for James, so he settled for iced tea instead.

    We had never eaten here before, mainly because I am such a picky eater, but we couldn't get a reservation at the Lamplight Lounge this time and I was okay to have the steak. Well, everything was really good, and I was surprised I had no bone in the Ribeye (which I expected it to have); it was very lean and cooked pretty much to my request as well, so it was an experiment that worked out well for both of us!

    To be continued...
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
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    Thursday, September 15, 2022 (81o) ~ Part II
    Plan: DCA/Disneyland; lunch at the Wine Country Trattoria @ 12:35pm

    We settled the bill, collected the EWC, and went to ride Ariel via the standby line; it was moving a little slow for some reason, but we were on within 10mins.

    Our next stop was Jumpin' Jellyfish, which was only about a 5min wait; I had a little medical issue occur right about the time the ride started, but was fortunately able to handle once we got off (thank goodness the ride was short)!

    We headed to the back of the park to ride TSMM via their accessible car, and I made a DAS RT for Soarin' (2:19pm @ 2:04pm) right after we had checked in for TSMM. James beat me, but not by too much: 194,000 to my 183,500!

    After our ride, we stopped at Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff for a cherry Glacier, and proceeded to share it (with me getting at least 2 brain freezes!) on our way up to the front of the park.

    We checked in to Soarin' and I immediately made a DAS RT for WEB (3:26pm @ 2:56pm); after Soarin', we went to the Guardians store so I could show James the Walkman purse I was interested in, but I decided not to buy it after all.

    We went over to ride WEB and our car scored 807,400; I again beat James 223,800 to his 157,200 ~ apparently I sling my webs better than he does (and my arms are tired afterwards to prove it)!

    The park was starting to get a little busier, since there was a Halloween party tonight at 6pm, so we stopped at the Guest Services kiosk to get a DAS RT for Rise since we hadn't park-hopped yet (4:45pm @ 3:55pm) and then went back to the room for a much-needed break to nap and recharge the EWC.

    While in the room, I remembered to make that third theme-park reservation for our next trip to start at the DL park on 11-2-22.

    We left for DL around 6:30pm and stopped to get a LRT for Peter, but there were no CMs around to give us one for some reason, so we rode Toad via the accessible entrance instead.

    I think Rise closes earlier than the rest of the park, so I definitely wanted to go there next to ride; right after we went through the turnstiles, I made a DAS RT for Buzz (7:43pm @ 7:08pm) for later.

    Our next stop was Rancho del Zocalo, intending to get some dinner; however, they had a SUPER long line that was barely moving, so we decided to put a Mobile Order in at Galactic Grill instead. We ordered a couple of cheeseburgers and customized them both to remove the cheese (I detest American cheese and James prefers not to eat cheese at all), and I requested the fries for me and the Cuties Mandarin Oranges for James, plus I included a large Coke Zero for us to share.

    I put the order in around 7:50pm for pickup and we headed right over; we found a table that a family was just vacating near the backside of the Matterhorn and I noted that we were there and to prepare our order on the app. James went to pick up the food around 8:10pm and I was surprised to find two orders of fries on the tray when he returned! This was because they had screwed up and automatically given him fries instead of the Cuties so they ended up giving him both!

    We ate quickly because we were pretty hungry, and then went around the corner to ride Buzz around 8:35pm; of course, James scored huge thanks to multiple stops during the ride: 1,182,300 (+200 on the other gun), which was #16 at the time! I scored a respectable 305,600, which had a picture and the accurate score on it, so I was satisfied.

    We were pretty tired and decided to call it a night; however, first I decided to stop at Plaza Inn to try their Monster Halloween Cake (Devil's Food cake, colorful white chocolate mousse and buttercream). They were about to close, so there were only a couple of pieces left; I grabbed one, paid for it, and clumsily transferred it over to a "to-go" container so I could bring it back to the room with me.

    I met back up with James and then we went through the China Closet Clothiers to see if they had anything I wanted to spend my money on; nothing was screaming at me to do so, so we left for the room around 9pm. (I never did make it to the Disney Showcase store to look at the Halloween stuff though!)

    We watched most of "Big Brother" together while I ate the cake (it was OK; very similar to the holiday cake I bought last November), and then I started working on my trip notes while watching reruns of "Rizzoli & Isles" on Lifetime; I didn't get to bed until 12:30am, and it still took me at least a half hour to fall asleep as I was still pretty wired from the day! James went to bed around 2am.

    Things we missed: Mickey's PhilharMagic, Monsters Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!, Turtle Talk with Crush, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, Space Mountain (me only; James hates it!), Star Tours, Disneyland Monorail, all of Fantasyland (except for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones Adventure, Jungle Cruise, & Haunted Mansion Holiday.

    Thoughts about the day:
    • I loved seeing Snickers today!
    • We enjoyed our first-time lunch at Wine Country Trattoria, and would probably eat here again at some point if they have something on the menu we both like.
    • I loved my 3 rides on Guardians of the Galaxy today!!!
    • Thank goodness for Mobile Order to use for dinner, as the standby lines are crazy long everywhere!
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
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    Friday, September 16, 2022 (82o)
    Plan: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at the Blue Bayou (possible Fantasmic! Dining Package for me) @ 11am

    Actual: Unfortunately, I was awake at 6:15am (only 5 hours of sleep! Oh well, I can sleep when I get home!); however, it's our last Disney Park day, so I got up & started getting ready. My next issue was losing the cotton tip of a off-brand cotton swab inside my left ear! I use them for makeup and use real Q-Tips for my ears on occasion (yes, I know I'm not supposed to) because they don't come off like the fake ones do; however, my drowsy self used the wrong one! I didn't have any tweezers to pull it out, but I was sure that First Aid could help me.

    I left for DL around 8:35am; there were short lines for security but crazy long lines for the park! Of course, I chose the wrong line, the one where lots of a teenage group kept coming to join those who were already in my line! One or two is one thing, but not 5 or 10! Grrr ~ there were adults with them, so it wasn't just the kids being inconsiderate of those also waiting in line behind them. Everyone around me were annoyed as well. Deep breath ~

    I made it inside around 8am and pulled over to the side to make a DAS RT for Space (8:12am @ 8:07am) and then I went to First Aid. They had a sign outside asking people to mask up inside, regardless of vaccination status, so I started trying to find my mask inside my fanny pack. A nurse opened the doors to ask what I needed and said she would come outside to me so I didn't have to keep looking for my mask.

    I explained my problem with needing tweezers to pull the cotton out of my ear and she shocked me when she said she couldn't help me! That was considered an "invasive" procedure and she couldn't even lend me the tweezers so I could do it myself, nor did the park even sell them! What? That's crazy, but I understood their liability reason. She told me I could go to the clinic down the street for help and gave me a list of clinics in the area as well.

    I thanked her and went to inquire at both City Hall and the Emporium and the nurse was right ~ no one had tweezers to sell! I think James has some in his toiletry bag, so I will try to remember to call him before he comes over (he doesn't like to text).

    I went to the exit for Space, parked my EWC, and asked to ride; the CM sent me right down and I was able to ride about 3 times without coming back up the ramp! I had a bathroom break and then rode one last time with my DAS RT.

    I made a DAS RT for Star Tours (9:13am @ 9:03am) while sitting in my Space rocket waiting to ride, and later went to ride Buzz, since it was only a 5min wait. I had one of the best scores ever: 761,500; however, the wrong scores were on my picture (very low) and the email never arrived anyway! I found the same scores on another photo a couple away from me, so I'm not sure what happened. The score was more than #10 was on the monitor above, so at least I didn't get screwed of putting my initials in at this time!

    I decided to try again since the wait was still so short; however, I had someone in front of me who is just like James (always shooting my targets so I never can find my red laser pointer!) and I got a crappy 121,400! Boo ~

    I next went to ride ST via the elevator & got the newer scenes with Kylo Ren, Jakku (with Rey instead of Finn), BB8, & Exegol! I also made a DAS RT for HMH (10:23am @ 9:53am).

    After I finished riding ST, I headed over to HMH and parked in the Accessible parking along the wall and near the exit, where I had a few minutes to wait. I ended up canceling it around 10:25am, when I decided not to ride alone due to my issues with my eyes slowly adjusting to the dim light!

    I called James just after 10:30am to ask him to bring his tweezers with him & then headed over to the Blue Bayou. I found a place to park my EWC and then just waited for James to arrive.

    I also kept checking the app and made a DAS RT for Rise as soon as I saw James had entered the park (11:48am @ 10:53am). I also started my online check-in for BB and then met up with James.

    I am very happy to report that Dr. James was able to successfully remove the cotton swab tip from my ear with his tweezers (after a few tries)!

    We were confused on whether we could sit inside the BB while waiting for the phone notification, so I asked the CM who was checking in people on her tablet; it sounded like I needed to also check-in with her, so I got in the long line to do so.

    When I got the notification on my phone that they were ready for us, I had James ask her if we should now go inside, as I still had a couple of guests in front of me and didn't want her to get upset with me for line-cutting if so!

    We ended up going into the foyer, where there were several guests waiting; it was still a few minutes more before they called us to be seated inside. We had a 2-seater table to the left at the water, which is what James always wants; this is why he is willing to get up earlier to make this first seating!

    Our server was CM Nancy, who I think we might have had last year! I ordered the Filet Mignon with regular potatoes instead of the Patatas Bravas since I thought they might be too spicy (I also eliminated the Spinach, Lemon Aioli and Olive-Piquillo Pepper Tapenade) plus a Diet Coke...

    ...and James ordered the Fava Bean & Pistachio Pesto Pasta (with Asparagus, Arugula, Tomatoes, Basil and Squash Blossoms) and a Mint Julep.

    As we were sitting there waiting for our food to be delivered, I suddenly remembered that I had wanted to ask for the Fantasmic! Dining Package for myself (you were to ask your server for it when you dined when I made the reservation, then they had changed it to where you reserve it specifically with the BB similar to how you book the WoC DP)! I was able to flag CM Nancy down and she brought the special menu over; my filet was listed so that was great.

    I also could get a starter and a dessert, so I got the Blue Bayou Salad (Baby Greens, Blue Cheese, Dried Fruit, Tomatoes and House Vinaigrette) for James.

    I was very pleased with my filet, which was cooked perfectly, and James was satisfied with his entre as well. The dessert was their special Imagination Mousse (Chocolate Truffle Mousse with Hazelnut-Praline Crunch), which was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

    A special shout-out to CM Foy, who did a wonderful job of keeping our drinks filled as well!

    CM Nancy gave me the voucher for tonight and we settled the bill.

    "The Lion King" is my favorite Disney animated feature, so I really wanted to see "The Tale of the Lion King" stage show that was new-to-us; we had forgotten to see it yesterday, so we really did not want to miss it today! We collected the EWC and headed over to the Fantasyland Theater and were able to get accessible seating in the very front row for the 12:30pm show! While waiting for the show to begin, I was able to make our 4th theme park reservation (starting at DL park on 11-1-22).

    OMG ~ this show reminds me of the Broadway production as well and was absolutely wonderful! The performers looked so happy and everyone was so talented; I wish we could have seen it again, but we only got the one chance this trip ~ hopefully we will be able to see it on our next trip!

    After the show, we stopped to get a LRT for Peter Pan (1:45pm @ 1:05pm) and then headed into SWGE to ride Rise; I immediately made another DAS RT for Buzz (1:19pm @ 1:14pm ~ what?) to ensure James gets at least one last ride on his favorite attraction!

    After we joined the Resistance again, we went back to Fantasyland to ride Peter, before going into Tomorrowland to ride Buzz (James scored 652,300 (#48) and I scored 317,000).

    I had tried to make another DAS RT after we went inside the Buzz building, but the wi-fi wasn't working right and I had to wait until we got back outside; I finally was able to make one for ST, since James hadn't ridden it yet this trip (2:37pm @ 2:23pm).

    To be continued...
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
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    Friday, September 16, 2022 (82o) ~ Part II
    Plan: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at the Blue Bayou (possible Fantasmic! Dining Package for me) @ 11am

    James got us a Mickey pretzel from the Tomorrowland ODV cart for us to snack on while we waited for our DAS RT to open...

    ...and then we rode ST around 2:40pm; we got the same scenes I had earlier, with the exception of Jakku with Finn rather than Rey!

    I visited the Guest Services kiosk in Tomorrowland to get a DAS RT for WEB since we hadn't park-hopped yet (3:29pm @ 2:59pm), and then we went back to the room for a much-needed nap and to recharge the EWC.

    We left for DCA around 6:35pm and went straight over to ride WEB; I also subsequently made another DAS RT for TSMM (6:51pm @ 5:51pm). We had another fun time killing the spider-bots; this time it was just us two in our car, so we only scored a total of 642,200 (I scored 311,400 to James' 232,500).

    We were hungry, so I made a Mobile Order with Award Wieners for me (beef hot dog, fries, & large Diet Coke) with a pickup time window that started now, so we headed right over. We found a table in the dining area with a space to park my EWC and I notified them that I was there. The food was ready a few minutes later, so James took my phone up to the window to pick it up and then brought everything back to the table.

    While I was eating, I made another Mobile Order, this time for James with Lucky Fortune Cookery (Teriyaki Chicken with Sauted Vegetables and Steamed Rice); the pickup window didn't open for another 15mins, so James waited with me while I finished eating my hot dog & fries.

    We next headed towards the Pacific Wharf via the Avengers Campus and Cars Land; the dining area was extremely crowded with the only open seating being in the middle of long tables, which was too tight to maneuver around and get to! Fortunately, a table opened up right next to the restaurant and we grabbed it right away; we noted that we were there & James went up to pick it up once ready.

    When we were done, we went to ride TSMM around 7:05pm; for some reason, I was unable to subsequently make a DAS RT for Buzz! The app wanted us to be INSIDE DL park to do so, which I didn't understand because both of us had started our theme park day there this morning! I even tried rebooting the app and got the same message, so we will stop at Guest Services after our ride to find out what's going on.

    We rode TSMM via their accessible vehicle, which malfunctioned a couple of times: we had no practice screen and the Little Green Men plates weren't working correctly at all. James did beat me 153,600 to my 136,100, but I wasn't happy about the malfunction, so I requested a re-ride in a different car after we got back to the loading platform.

    Our second ride was normal and James again beat me, but in the range of our usual scores! This time it was 217,700 to my 174,500.

    We stopped at the Guest Services kiosk across from the Incredicoaster; the CM said that we have to be INSIDE the specific park to request a DAS RT for an attraction IN THAT PARK, regardless of whether you have already park-hopped earlier in the day. (This didn't sound right to me, but I have since looked back on my various trip reports from earlier this year and apparently we never went back into our original starting theme-park after park-hopping and used a DAS RT once we did! I was sure we had, but oh well!) Anyway, she gave us a DAS RT for Buzz (8:20pm @ 7:50pm).

    I needed to get over to the reserved viewing section for Fantasmic!, so James & I parted ways: I headed over to New Orleans Square in DL and James ended up riding RSR via the single rider line (stated wait of 40mins, but on in 20mins), perusing Off the Page and the Avengers Campus stores, and then finally making it over to DL and watching the fireworks from near the Plaza Inn (he skipped F!).

    I checked in with the CMs near Haunted Mansion Holiday and they directed me to follow the wonderfully cobble-stoned (and terribly rough) path back along the waterfront and the way I'd already came from! I had some difficulty with my EWC, where it started turning to the left and I was having a bunch of trouble trying to control it; I think it didn't like the paving stones! After my second mishap, a CM came to help me and then led me to where I needed to go (thank you!).

    I was positioned at the back of the viewing area and everyone in front of me was seated on the ground like they are supposed to be (YAY!); I noticed that they had eliminated the cushions that we were supposed to be able to sit on instead of the cold, hard concrete. The entrance to Pirates and the designated walkway through the area was directly behind me, with CMs keeping everyone moving and turning away those who tried to duck under the rope. I called James to let him know where I was & he had trouble understanding me due to all of the background noise & music.

    More ECVs were positioned to the left of me towards HMH and most people stayed seated the whole time, with a few coming & going to the bathroom, to get a snack, or just to stretch their legs. Right before 9pm, the CMs told everyone to sit down because the show was about to begin!

    I was very excited to see the show again, as it had been at least 2 years since I had last seen it; I was very thankful for my EWC, as I would NOT have been able to get up from the ground nor stand for the whole thing!

    They had changed a few things in the opening segment and the dragon is only projected towards the end (probably due to the mishap when it broke down during a show before lockdown); there are lot more Disney characters depicted in the projections now and I noticed that the Pinocchio marionettes segment is also gone.

    I especially loved the Pirates and the Princess segments, plus anything with Mickey in it! The only downside was when a lady stood up and came to stand between me & another ECV, but was too far forward and partially blocking my view to the left; it was only temporary, as she stepped back when I asked her to.

    I really enjoyed the show and felt that I would do the dining package again, as long as I had my EWC to sit in! (I don't have any pictures, as I video-recorded the whole thing instead.)

    Afterwards, they began the projections on Pirates' Lair for the Halloween Screams, and then later the fireworks began; I had a pretty good view of the fireworks since they were up high, but the CMs had removed the rope behind me and let anybody stand in that section so I totally missed seeing any of the projections due to the blockage! RATS! I noticed the music they played is on one of my WDW Event Music CDs and I really liked it.

    After the fireworks ended, I called James and we arranged to meet at Buzz; we met up around 10pm and James totally outscored me again, this time he scored 823,900 (#59) to my lousy 196,300! Oh well, at least he was happy with his score on our last ride of the trip ~

    We said goodbye to the Resort for this trip around 10:30pm and James took the EWC up to the room to charge it (it was down to one bar!). I went to McDonald's for a burger & fries (James still had leftovers to work on in the room) and then he came back to wait with me until the food was ready. We later stopped at the Front Desk to ask about a late check-out tomorrow; the clerk said to call tomorrow morning to see if it was possible, and then we left for the room.

    I checked our boarding position with Southwest Airlines for tomorrow (A35 & A36, although we will be preboarding), we did our usual nighttime stuff, and I finally got to bed around 1:30am (James followed a little later)!

    Things we missed: We were able to hit almost everything on our must-do list we wanted to today, except for Guardians of the Galaxy (me only) & Radiator Springs Racers. Other attractions we would have liked to do but missed included Disneyland Railroad, Disneyland Monorail, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White's Enchanted Wish, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion Holiday, Indiana Jones Adventure, Jungle Cruise, & Soarin' Around the World.

    Thoughts about the day:
    • Thank goodness James was able to get that cotton tip out of my ear!
    • So happy to eat at Blue Bayou again!
    • Loved seeing Fantasmic! again (at least for me!)!

    Saturday, September 17, 2022 (79o)
    Plan: Check-out of the Camelot Inn; fly home in the afternoon

    Actual: I was up by 9am and called the front desk to request a late check-out of noon; the desk clerk checked with the housekeeping staff and then called me back a few minutes later to say it was fine. James was up around 10am, we finished our packing, and checked out around 11:35am.

    I requested an XL Lyft ride and Francisco picked us up around 11:50am in a Honda Odyssey. We were able to get everything loaded into his van and were soon being dropped off at the airport around 12:15pm.

    We unfolded the EWC and brought everything inside the terminal; I took the EWC and the big suitcase up to the counter while James waited with everything else. I had a great chat with the ticket agent who helped me get my big bag checked in (32.5#), inspected the EWC, and printed off boarding passes for both James & me, which showed the EWC and pre-boarding options.

    We met back up and headed down to the Pre-TSA line, where we had no wait. I again was able to walk through the scanner and then they manually inspected the EWC; we collected everything and headed down to Carl's Jr.

    We found a place to park the EWC and our bags in their seating area and then I went up to order our usual: cheese quesadilla with no pico de gallo for me, a bean/rice burrito without cheese nor pico de gallo for James, a chocolate chip cookie, and a large Coke Zero for us to share. It was the lunch hour, so we were really surprised how slow it was there ~ almost nobody in line!

    We enjoyed our lunch and then went down to Gate 21 around 1:15pm, as they were finishing boarding of the previous flight at that time. I asked a Gate Agent about whether I could get the claim check for my EWC now or did I need to wait until later, and she said she would be with me as soon as they finished getting this flight off; she helped me within a few minutes and then all SWA agents left the area, as the next flight wasn't due in for a couple of hours! We settled in to wait ~ it was nice to not be rushed like we were on the trip down!

    As it turned out, our plane was running late so they boarded a bit late as well; this time we did a better job of getting the EWC ready for stowage, but had to settle for non-bulkhead seating when we boarded! We sat in the 3rd row and this time I sat in the window seat and James sat in the middle seat.

    They had a minor maintenance issue with the plumbing in the bathrooms, so they had to turn the water off in them and get it signed off before we could leave, & we left about 45mins late. We had our usual drinks & snacks during the flight & I was dozing before we even took off!

    We landed 30mins late around 6pm and again were about the last ones up the jetway after waiting for our EWC and preparing it for use. We took the tram over and the elevator all the way down to baggage claim, and then James was able to retrieve our checked bag. We took everything outside and he headed for the Daily Lot shuttle around 6:30pm; he paid for parking and was picking me up a few minutes later. While he was gone, I broke down the EWC so it was ready to be quickly loaded into our SUV when he arrived.

    We made a detour to Home Depot for a water faucet lock and then stopped at an In-N-Out Burger on the south side of Sacramento, closer to our home. We had our usual burgers and shared an order of fries & a small Diet Coke, before arriving home around 8pm. Poor Sidney was sound asleep on my bed, but was very excited to see us when I woke him up!

    Thoughts about the day:
    • A pretty smooth & relaxed travel day, even with the flight delay; we're getting a little better at folding & unfolding the EWC for stowage on the plane!

    Up Next: Our next trip is scheduled for November 1 5, which is just a couple of weeks before our keys expire.

    Summary & Final Thoughts: A pretty positive trip, starting with the temperature cool-down before we arrived! The crowds were manageable on most days, and we were happy to be back after our 4-month summer hiatus.

    Highlights include:

    • I had very little pain in my legs, feet, & back this trip, thanks to my new electric wheelchair AND the DAS!!!
    • The great weather; we know it is unpredictable this time of year and can be 75 or 100 degrees on any given day!
    • All table-service restaurants were great, both in food and service.
    • Disney kitties!!!
    • Seeing Fantasmic! again!
    • Seeing "The Tale of the Lion King" show ~ AWESOME!!!
    • This never changes: riding our favorite attractions MULTIPLE times: Space Mountain & Guardians of the Galaxy for me and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters for James!
    • Riding Rise of the Resistance & WEB SLINGERS together all three full days!

    Lowlights include:

    • Missing Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones Adventure, Disneyland Monorail, Disneyland Railroad, & Jungle Cruise in particular.
    • The picture service at Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters; I know it is a free perk, but I don't know why it is so inconsistent on whether you get a photo, whether it has a score on it, and whether the score is truly yours!

    Until next time!
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
    WDW trips: 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2021

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    Just now catching this report - thanks for sharing and hope you're currently onsite again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spectromen View Post
    Just now catching this report - thanks for sharing and hope you're currently onsite again!
    Hey there...when you posted this, I was!!! We're home now, so I will start writing up the new report as I have time in my busy retired schedule!
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
    WDW trips: 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2021

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    Great trip report! It's been years since I've been to Disneyland, so it's fun to read about your adventures. Looking forward to reading the next one!


    "A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference." --Eeyore

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    Quote Originally Posted by wdwjan View Post
    Great trip report! It's been years since I've been to Disneyland, so it's fun to read about your adventures. Looking forward to reading the next one!

    Thank you for the kind words, Jan!
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
    WDW trips: 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2021



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