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Thread: What one thing would I change about each Star Wars movie?

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    What one thing would I change about each Star Wars movie?

    What one thing would I change about each Star Wars movie? by Todd King

    If it ain't Bossk, don't Fennec - if I could change one thing in each Star Wars movie, what would it be and why?

    Read it here!

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    Very late response here, so I'll be (sort of) brief! (I found I had this bookmarked and never responded when I first read it)

    I won't go into a film by film list (though I do agree a lot with your Jedi Rocks entry for RotJ).

    The thing(s) that bugged me for many years (until they released the "original theatrical versions" on DVD, IIRC, a few years after the Special Editions) follow:

    There were 2 minor dialogue lines that were edited in the VHS and DVD releases of the films even before the Special Editions. I somehow remembered these from the theater, I guess, because the modified lines never sounded right to me and stuck out like a sore thumb.

    1) In The Empire Strikes Back, when R2 gets spit out by the swamp creature on Dagobah, Luke's response for many years was (in what sounded like a very hurried line that was squeezed in as an edit) "You were lucky to get out of there!". The original line was "You're lucky you don't taste very good!".

    I'm not sure why they felt it was necessary to change that at all. Maybe it was considered too comedic for the start of Luke's serious journey with Yoda while on Dagobah? I doubt anyone not directly involved with this change back then will ever know.

    2) In Return of the Jedi. when Han is hanging from the skiff as Chewie holds him from falling and shoots the Sarlacc tentacle that is trying to pull in Lando, Han's line following Lando's "No way, I thought you were blind!" was changed too. Originally Han response simply with "It's all right. Trust me". The change was a hurried "It's all right, I can see a lot better now!".

    I never understood this one either. The way it sounds in the edit is just horrible, IMO. I also thought the "Trust Me" line was much more meaningful for the recent history of Han and Lando in ESB (i.e., comments he made to Leia about not trusting Lando, but he was his friend, etc.).

    I guess I'm not the only one who ever thought these were weird and/or confusing. Some people on a thread here have similar thoughts in the mid 2000's. That thread makes it even worse as to wondering which was "original" and why it was changed.

    Those are the ones for me that just make me say "Why?!". I also agree with your Vader line "Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare or my arrival". That one in addition
    to being unnecessary, also sounds different than any of Vader's other dialogue and suffers the opposite fate (IMO) from the 2 edited lines I described above. This sounded way too slow vs. any of Vader's other lines.




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