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Thread: Will Knott's Scary Farm be scary for the wrong reason?

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    Will Knott's Scary Farm be scary for the wrong reason?

    I want Scary Farm to be scary for the right reasons.
    Not for things like this July 2022 Chanel Seven Eyewitness News report:

    Knott's announced a pretty limited, Friday & Sat. only chaperone policy, but they have a long way to go to combat the multiple Youtube videos of violence in the park, one by an off duty police officer who tried to protect his family. It reminds me of Magic Mountain's violence problems in the 1990s.

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    Seems to be an epidemic in general these days (not meaning Knott's, but other examples).

    There was the fight between 2 families in MK in FL several days ago, and I just read about a police response to a fight in the Universal Orlando Parking garage a couple of days ago.

    Seems like there are more and more people who don't know how to behave in public recently. I can't imagine why (unfortunately that's a bit of sarcasm there).




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