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Thread: Disney Delays Job Relocations Following Political Tensions in Florida

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    Disney Delays Job Relocations Following Political Tensions in Florida

    "According to the Orlando Sentinel, Disney has delayed the projected opening of the Lake Nona campus by more than 3 years, to 2026. A Disney spokeswoman said that the delay was “to give people more time and accommodate the construction timeline for the new offices.

    With the current political tensions in Florida, however, many are speculating that Disney is delaying the move because of Gov. DeSantis’s actions. Florida State Representative Anna Eskamani “attributed the decision to Disney’s battle with Florida leaders,” saying, “these culture wars have an economic cost.”

    Full article here.

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    Absolutely shocking that a politician from the opposing political party would suggest such a thing. Shocking, I say!

    Well, of course I am kidding... I'd expect no less than such a suggestion from almost any politician. Whether there is actually verifiable truth to it or not, if it makes the other side look like they are responsible for a negative outcome, it will be suggested. (on either side when such an issue comes up).


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    I realize there are a lot of egos and reputations at stake - but with a bear market and possible recession on the horizon I wouldnt want to spend a ton of money on a new office right now either - regardless of the other reasons..

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