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    Is genie just an add on to the exsisting app, or is it the updated app? Also do you have to have genie to use genie +? I do not see any reason to let genie plan out my day, so I do not plan on using it. However depending on how crazy it is, I may want to use genie +. Thanks

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    The app will have free Genie no matter what on it. You do not need to follow anything the free part offers unless you want to but its honestly pointless IMO since I think most people can decide on their own what they want to do in the parks. You just want to make sure the app is updated before you go no matter what. Then once there you can decide or not if you want to pay the extra for Genie+.

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    I've never even opened Genie in the app. When I open the DL app it might alert me that those plans are there but that is the extent of it.



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