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Thread: D-Tech on Demand now that Launch Bay is closed?

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    D-Tech on Demand now that Launch Bay is closed?

    We’ve got our trip planned for villains night in March, and we haven’t been since Halloween of 2019 but wanted to update my phone cases and now I’m seeing that Star Wars launch Bay is closed (I don’t know if that’s temporary or not), but is there anywhere in downtown Disney or Disneyland or DCA that sells the D-Tech on demand cases? I upgraded my phone in early 2020 and I really miss my D-Tech case! Lol Thanks!!

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    I got my new phone case at Star Traders using D-Tech. The kiosk is in the back corner near the sewing machines.

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    Thank you!! I feel so boring/naked without my Evil Queen case! I was afraid I was going to be forced to go to WDW. 😉😂 Now that weve moved from NorCal to Northern GA, thats probably going to happen at some point but DL will always be my home base!

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    Check Shop Disney too. They sell some stuff there.

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    They have some but none that can be personalize like the D-Tech in the parks. And very few for the 12 or 13 but thanks! But Im glad to be getting back to the parks and the party!



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