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Thread: Disneyland Wi-Fi

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    Disneyland Wi-Fi

    Do the parks and official hotels have complimentary Wi-Fi like WDW does?

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    The parks do, I believe (at least they did, it's been a few years for me).

    I will say it was very spotty and probably could not be relied on for constant use like for MaxPass (I regularly have used the WiFi at WDW for MDE and FastPass+ selection with only occasional or location specific challenges - normally addressable by walking a little bit from the area giving trouble and trying again). I use an iPod for all I describe here.

    When I was at DL, it was right around New Years 2018 (I was actually there for NYE, so I do mean AT New Years - obviously a very busy time - so that may have had an effect on this experience I am about to describe). I am pretty sure MaxPass was brand new (few months maybe?) right around then. I actually did make an attempt to use it to sign up for MaxPass one day, but the signal dropped out often enough, I didn't successfully make it through the registration process (luckily my CC wasn't charged either). I then realized the futility in trying to actually use the app, since I couldn't even get a good enough signal to get through the registration without it bombing on me, so I thought better of it and stopped trying.

    So for Boarding Group attempts for RotR or Web-Slingers, you might not have great luck. The system at WDW is not great for that deluge of attempted use either, from what I have heard (I have not been down there to try it since RotR opened - but based on accounts I have read of it not being able to deal with the volume, I was preparing to buy a prepaid smartphone specifically for that purpose for my next trip)

    Again, this was a VERY busy time period. So maybe it's better with lower crowds (or also could have improved - it has been nearly 4 years now since my most recent DL trip).




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