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Thread: The Jungle Cruise: More Adventure, Less Comedy

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    The Jungle Cruise: More Adventure, Less Comedy

    The Jungle Cruise: More Adventure, Less Comedy by Todd Pickering

    A critique of the film based on the classic attraction

    Read it here!

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    I saw this unexpectedly last night due to having a power outage at home. Since it's so new, I won't give away anything, but I similarly enjoyed most of it. I probably won't call it a "top" Disney movie, but it was a fun ride.

    As Disney ride-inspired movies go, I'm guessing it will end up being considered superior to the Haunted Mansion movie with Eddie Murphy, but probably not as popular as the Pirates series.

    I actually hadn't remembered that today was the release date, so I guess I was in probably the first "night before" showing at my local theater. It was pretty empty, but I'm guessing that was due to a large combination of factors rather than being a critique of how much the public may be interested in the film.

    I did like the references. Particularly the one scene with several docked boats in a similar paint/decor scheme as the original attraction boats.


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    Thanks Dave! I agree with your placement of this flicker above HAUNTED MANSION film. Great comments and thanks for reading MP!



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