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Thread: Has anyone else seen any ticketing errors?

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    Has anyone else seen any ticketing errors?

    Hi guys, long (long) time since I've posted here.

    My friend is coming from overseas and she booked our tickets to Disneyland. The Email & My Plans page say Disneyland July 10th and CA Adventures July 11th as expected. But, when you view the actual tickets with the QR code on them they say CA Adventures for both days. Getting any sort of support is impossible. Has anyone heard of this issue before? Did it correct itself?

    I also extended our WDW tickets by one day and I can see our park reservations that were already in place, but adding the third day to Epcot I only see a blank screen when I go to the Reservations page OR "select your party" page. The page footer is there, but everything above the footer is blank. This reservation is under my account and not hers, so I don't think the two issues could be connected.

    I think the reservation system has gone bonkers since they opened up the reservations!

    Thank you for any information.

    Disneyland July 10-11, 2021 & DisneyWorld August 22-25, 2021

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