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Thread: Disneyland Tickets for All

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    Disneyland Tickets for All

    Does anyone know when they might open up ticket sales to Non CA residents??

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    Not sure, but On June 15, California will fully reopen its economy across the state (assuming certain variables are met). I do not know if that means you can visit from out of state, but it sounds promising.

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    There is fine print in the current CA Guidelines that suggests fully vaccinated out-of-state travelers will be treated as though in-state for purposes of most of the CA venue specific rules, BUT there does not seem to be a requirement that locations allow this exception and it's certainly easier for Disney to say no to all out-of-state guests than to become vaccine police.

    I agree that it is more likely to be allowed post 6/15, once we learn what rules will remain (so far, I know the mask requirement is intended to stay, I'm not sure what else).

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    Thank you

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    Not direct tickets but Getaway Today answered a question in one of their live streams that they could add tickets to people's layaway packages. Also, Undercover tourist never even asked. Maybe if I didn't have a California billing address it would have bounced my purchase but there was never anywhere I had to say we were California residents.
    This was Thursday morning, while my husband was in the wait queue for DL direct tickets, I was on hold for GAT tickets by phone as their website crashed right out of the gate. Undercover Tourist had no wait or even a lag.



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