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Thread: Ratatouille Attraction Opening Date Announced

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    Ratatouille Attraction Opening Date Announced

    "Everyone’s favorite “Little Chef” is cooking up something really big for Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary, because the grand opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT is set for Oct. 1 of this year!"

    Full article here.

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    They're putting this off till OCTOBER? They could've opened Ratatouille, a cloned attraction, in EPCOT months ago, but are putting that way off.

    I feel a rant coming on....

    It it just me, or does Universal open its attractions more quickly & intelligently than Disney does?

    (I'm just referring to Disney's American resorts, though Disneyland Paris took way too long to refurb Phantom Manor a few years ago.)

    When Disney opened Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland, it lacked features that Bob had boasted about that fans then expected. Fans were later disappointed when they weren't delivered.

    And Tron is taking forever at WDW, despite that it's a cloned attraction.

    Universal, in contrast, seemed to almost deny that the potentially cool raptor coaster at Universal Orlando was even being built (wink wink nudge nudge) despite that there were big freakin' coaster hills guests could see.

    If I hear reports that WDW is phoning it in, cutting more perks, and not addressing
    miserable over-crowding, inconvenience, & overpricing,**
    for examples

    -- restaurant reservations SIX months in advance?! (PLEASE DO NOT BRING THAT BACK!) That makes planning a trip to Disney World much more onerous in my opinion that visiting Europe.

    -- Ride reservations three months in advance?!

    -- Resort parking fees,

    --$10 per person restaurant cancellation fees,

    --slow & insufficient busses making more stops than a bus crossing downtown Detroit,

    --no more Magical Express, etc.--

    then I'll put off my next Florida visit till 2024 through 2028
    and it will be mainly to visit Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, and maybe spend 3 nights at WDW.

    ** Footnote! Correct, if guests are willing to pay any shocking price that Disney charges, one could argue that it is by definition not overpriced IN THE SHORT RUN. But charging as much as possible for many things could hurt the brand in the long run.
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    I agree with you on many things except:

    $10 cancellation for reservations - I think this serves as a decent deterrent for people making multiple reservations. I know Disney has waived it for me more often that they've charged it, if there is a reasonable reason why it couldn't be cancelled in time (and presumably after they check that I wasn't dining elsewhere). I don't want to go back to it being even harder to get reservations because certain people think that it's okay to make 10 reservations and then only go to 1. And you can't just limit it to 1 reservation per person, because the abusers tend to travel in packs and would just make reservations under other names.

    Ride reservations 3 months in advance. I LOVED this feature at WDW when we were on a Platinum plan trip (since discontinued) and had our day planned to 15 minute increments. It let us go on some of the popular rides with little time to spare. But I agree that it is hard to plan what park I want to be on any given day, when things/weather change daily, and makes it more difficult to adjust plans without feeling a loss. Disneyland only allows same day Fastpass reservations through their MaxPass program. It would be nice if WDW adopted something similar, so there is still a benefit to staying on property but not quite the same need to preplan a trip a year before you go.

    The Ratatouille opening date - I agree that it they could have opened it sooner, and was a bit surprised they didn't try for early summer, but Disney is also in a hard place on both coasts with new popular rides that pre-pandemic probably would have opened sooner. New rides bring crowds. If they are at/near (reduced) capacity without the ride, there is no reason to open it and doing so before capacity increases will only make more people annoyed if/when they can't get into the park.

    I was at Disneyland when various rides first opened (as in within weeks of opening, not necessarily opening day). The line for Indiana Jones reached main street; the line for the Finding Nemo Subs reached it's a Small World; even the line for the Little Mermaid took over much of (now) Paradise Pier/World of color. I can't even imagine those lines if every group had to wait 6 feet apart. There just isn't enough park for the line. Star Wars ROR didn't have those problems, but the virtual passes run out within seconds/minutes of being released, and then there are people upset that they came all the way to the park and couldn't go on the new ride. Similarly at WDW, can you imagine the early lines for Avatar if they were spaced 6' apart? I assume that there will be some sort of virtual queue for the ride itself, but that may make it impossible to make reservations at EPCOT, even for people who don't care about the new ride.

    Disney used to deny knowledge of constructions projects (I'm looking at you "not a DVC" Contemporary resort construction). But with the public's ability to pull permits, it does become harder to hide plans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcruise86 View Post
    [COLOR="#000000"]They're putting this off till OCTOBER? They could've opened Ratatouille, a cloned attraction, in EPCOT months ago, but are putting that way off.
    .... It it just me. . .
    Should be "IS it just me..." not "It it just me." I was unable to edit my original post.

    While I'm here, thanks for the thoughtful reply, Currence!

    You may be correct about the $10 per person cancellation penalties, but I wish that restaurant and attraction reservations were made two months in advance. A part of me does like planning Disney holidays far into the future, but my growing (yet decaying) grown-up side would prefer 2 months, or better yet, 6 or 4 weeks.

    As with giving cast members schedules further in advance so they can make plans, Disney should not put their leaders' desire to plan first & foremost.

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    I have one thing to offer to this. When I was at WDW last (3 years ago), I was planning my next visit for my and WDW's 50th (we both turn 50 six weeks apart). I was told by our guide that everything they had planned for the 50th would not be completed UNTIL 10/21. To coincide with the actual 50th. Since we only visit in May, he suggested we wait til 2022, if we wanted to experience everything that was added. Perhaps once the pandemic hit, they decided to pause some and speed up others, only really interested in make that 10/22 date.

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    Anyone know if they will soft open the ride ahead of the Oct 1st date. Just asking because I will be there the week before that.



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