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Thread: Walt Disney World Resort Update for February 23 - March 1, 2021

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    Walt Disney World Resort Update for February 23 - March 1, 2021

    Walt Disney World Resort Update for February 23 - March 1, 2021 by Alan S. Dalinka

    'The World's Most Magical Celebration' will be the 18-month-long theme of the Walt Disney World Resort's 50th Anniversary, beginning October 1, 2021. Parks will feature 'Beacons of Magic' and the Resort gets EARidescent decor.

    Read it here!

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    I am really curious what the real attendance figures are? 50% I have not been for awhile but it sure was getting crowded the last time I was there. I sure hope they open BOMA soon. We sure miss that place. Haven't been able to get into the California Grill the last few times we have gone either. But BOMA is such a treat. So many different flavors and textures. So many memorable meals there.
    Thanks again for the Tuesday escape Alan. Keep up the great work.

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    Curious about the capacity and also how it may evolve as we get closer to October here as well.

    When all this started, I initially said to myself I would hold out for another trip until things return to close to normal (life in general and Park offerings - fireworks, shows, etc.). Well, that could still be a while, it seems . I have started to think about an October 2021 trip.

    Back in 2016 I (sort of accidentally) started a tradition of attending some of the parks on their Anniversary days when they happened during the rough timeframe I had been scheduling my trips (pretty much around the beginning of May and October, plus/minus a couple of weeks).

    On 10/1/16 I flew down for one of my trips, sort of being conscious of the date being MK's 45th anniversary, but not enough that I actually planned much of the trip based on it (or I would have arrived a day or 2 earlier to spend the whole day in MK). I went to MK that evening basically to pick up my AP I had purchased prior to my trip and while there, I was lucky to get one of the "I Was There" buttons as well as the special map they had for the occasion. Since it was late in the day, pretty much all of the special limited merchandise was already sold out(I could have bought one of the last tee shirts, but it was several sizes too small for me, so I passed -no one needs to see that! ). I still considered the button and the map a neat set of souvenirs for the event.

    So after that "accidental" attendance at MK 45th, I did Epcot 35th 10/1/17, and DHS 30th 5/1/19 so far. (I missed DAK 20th in 2018 since it's April date conflicts with another hobby event I participate in regularly. - but I did buy one of the special maps after the fact on ebay) Now actually planning my trip dates better for this aspect, I bought an item or 2 of the merchandise for the date and also sought the button and map when applicable/available for the EPC and DHS dates. (I'm not sure if there were DHS ones with the "I Was There" text and the date(if so, I managed to not see anyone wearing one), but there was a nice 30th Button with Mickey on it that I think was for the date itself only, most likely).

    So 10/1/21 was in my sights for a while pre COVID, as it was for many thousands of others, I am sure! . With the MK booked for all ticket types as of right now, I guess there is the hope it could open up with cancellations as Alan suggested, or even better, COVID cases decrease enough by then for the parks to go back to a much higher attendance levels. The thought of trying to hop from another park to MK right at 2 PM also crossed my mind, but I'm sure everyone with a valid hopping ticket at any park will be thinking this too (so could easily not work). Of course that assumes some level of MK attendance that day might even be open to hopping, maybe Disney opened all availability (at this time) to full day tickets and that will be it - obviously no one can accurately guess how that was done.

    Sorry for the long story. I guess even if October doesn't work out for being closer to normal yet, I'll hold out hope that the "delayed start" will hopefully allow some dates during the 50th celebration in 2022 into early 2023 to be back to close to normal.

    I guess I'll start to keep an eye on the other parks availability and MK on days other than 10/1 and decide soon if I want to buy a ticket for 4-5 days in late September/early October and hope for the best.




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