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Thread: March 2020 Crowds

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    March 2020 Crowds

    I am not expecting January type of crowds but how do you think early March crowds are going to be?

    Wait times for big and small rides....???

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    According to TouringPlans, Mondays - Thursdays are a 2, Fridays & Saturdays are a 4, and Sundays a 3 for the first couple of weeks of March. The Flower & Garden Festival kicks off on March 3rd, so expect Epcot to fill up on the weekends for that. I think park capacity is at 35% still, with 2pm being the time you can park-hop (if any parks have availability). I made my park reservations right after I got my tickets, and you can always change them if there is availability elsewhere. With no FastPass, I expect lines for the more popular rides to still be long. Good luck!

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    March 2020 crowds started out fairly strong and then dropped to absolutely nothing about mid-way through the month...


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    I've read a bunch of trip reports on another board and tips that seem to work for many. Park hopping so far hasn't been an issue so far. It was pretty packed President's/Valentine's weekend. There was some pictures from today over in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland that looked like it was not pleasant at one point No distancing going on. I have seen some say though there is a few spots in Magic Kingdom that can be nightmares no matter if its close to the 35% capacity or not. And that Hollywood Studios can get that way in many spots as well. If you can I've seen it suggested to go earlier than park opening because they usually let in. You can then get a few popular rides out of the way early if its not to packed. Most seem to say that once it gets later in the morning/afternoon is when it picks up and that it can mellow down closer to the evening til parks close. This also seems to vary though on holidays and hours they are open till. The wait times are hit and miss. They are at times WAY off it seems like. So it might say an hour or longer but really it ends up 20 mins. Then other times its really an hour or more. The lines look longer than normal because of the distancing of course. If you are doing quick service food at all, I've seen many suggest that its best to book your time once you get in whatever park that morning because they go fast with very limited options. Epcot during the food events gets pretty pack as the day goes on from what I read. Remember the food options are going to be less than normal with only so much open. I will say that most seem to say that the weekdays are best during non-holiday times and early March is usually before Spring Break starts up. It seems if you want to go to Disney Springs its best during the week in the day and evenings get a little packed but more so on weekends. Remember that if you have a reservation for Hollywood Studios the first chance to get a boarding group for RotR is at 7am (again at 1pm) and you can do that from your hotel room.

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