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Thread: Are Magic Bands Needed During Covid Trips?

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    Are Magic Bands Needed During Covid Trips?

    So we are looking at a trip and just wondered if we should get Magic Bands or not.

    Seems like you can use your phone or a free card that you can use every where.

    Help me o great mouse planet people

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    Magic bands are not necessary. However IMO they are much more convenient. Your key and admission tickets are always on your wrist and easy to locate. Its certainly a personal choice and you can get along without one.

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    Probably depends on how much you relied on them for everything in the past. As daisyd0 said, they definitely aren't necessary. Heck, even pre-COVID, on every trip, I would once in a while see people using old fashioned cards for their FP+ entry to rides. To me that is the biggest use, which is of course not applicable right now.

    But for people who like to use them to charge everything so they don't need to carry a wallet around, that aspect would still apply, I'm sure. But if you were a person who intended to use it in that way, you probably wouldn't be asking if they were necessary...

    To me, just to gain entry to a park (or to access my room when returning for the day) it is not a huge deal to take the card out of my wallet instead of using a MB. But I could see for people who do more resort stuff during the day, it could be convenient to walk around with just the band on if you were doing pool lounging and didn't want a wallet or purse with you, etc.


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    I thought the Magic Bands were awesome! I hope DLR starts using them! No digging in pockets for cards or phones!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maleficent2B View Post
    I thought the Magic Bands were awesome! I hope DLR starts using them! No digging in pockets for cards or phones!
    For our first WDW trip and DLR trips the tickets will scan right through our witz cases at most places. I liked the Magic Band for our second trip, we purchased them. Our last DL trip Whistler's phone is always accessible so he just used to app.



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