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Thread: Early morning time at individual parks to be replaced...

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    Cool Early morning time at individual parks to be replaced...

    I read the news today (Oh boy!) that Walt Disney World might replace having extra morning time at different parks on different days
    with letting all Disney World hotel guests get into all of the parks 30 minutes each day.

    I LOVE this because it'll make my planning easier.

    What I've been doing for decades is finding out which parks open early and then planning the trip to avoid the early-opening parks
    because they were more crowded in the afternoons & evenings, and we only visit one park per day.

    Now if I have to make reservations far in advance, I at least won't try & figure out which parks open early on different days & then hope the early opening schedule doesn't change in the months before our trip.

    Of course, if WDW still has individual parks open late at night on different days (NOOOO! {Please, no!}), I'll still plan restaurant & FastPass reservations to avoid the more crowded parks.
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    The big advantage to the old system was you had a choice. If you went with the Early Entry park, you could enjoy a couple of hours of relatively uncrowded park storming and then hop to another park. If you were going to a park all day, then you could visit a non-Early-Entry park and beat the crowds, with most folks going to the EE park. Now it's all kind of homogenized, with more or less equal crowds hitting all parks. I'm sure this is what Disney wants, but it takes an arrow out of my park-storming quiver.

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    I will miss the nighttime EMH. I liked staying later in the evening. Tough to beat being at one of the parks at night. The lights and the sounds. The nighttime EMH seemed more relaxing. Morning EMH always felt like it was a rush to do as much as possible in that time frame. Nighttime EMH would be to catch any rides you didn't get on during the day or just stroll around taking it all in until you had to leave.

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    I am going to miss this perk. My family always took advantage of the EMHs. An extra 30 minutes before official park opening, while useful, is not going to give as big a benefit as EMHs did. Disney may lose on site hotel guests over this change.

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    We would always plan around the morning extra magic hours to avoid park crowding in the late morning and early afternoon. We would take advantage of the evening extra magic hours just to be in the parks longer and ride some of the rides at night like BTMRR.

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