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Thread: Walt Disney World Resort Update for November 3-9, 2020

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    Walt Disney World Resort Update for November 3-9, 2020

    Walt Disney World Resort Update for November 3-9, 2020 by Alan S. Dalinka

    With cooler weather, lots of Views around EPCOT for the first time since its phased reopening, news of layoffs in Live Entertainment, a change to Rise of the Resistance virtual queues, and lots of merchandise photos (incl. Christmas).

    Read it here!

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    We spent 10 days at WDW in September, and we'll be headed back in early December. We found the precautions taken for the pandemic to be very good, and we rarely felt unsafe in the parks. There were a few times in which other guests were not complying with the mask rules, but those were rare and were mostly dealt with quickly by cast members.

    I'm glad they're changing the way the boarding groups for RotR work. We were unable to get a boarding group any of the days we had park passes for the Studios, primarily because transportation issues kept us from getting into the park before the 10:00am opening time. The queues for the Skyliner at Carribean Beach were HORRENDOUS, with waits of 45-60 minutes on some days (We were staying at the Beach Club, so we took the Skyliner to get to the Studios). There never seemed to be any boarding groups issued at the 2:00pm distribution time, either.

    The biggest issues we had in September were with transportation. There were no Friendship boats operating on Crescent Lake, so you couldn't take a boat to or from Epcot, the resorts, or the Studios. Buses were OK, but the physical distancing on them meant that very few people could ride each bus. I've read that they've changed that to somewhat increase the number of passengers, so maybe that will help a little. We're seriously considering getting a car in December when we go, just so we can avoid transportation issues.

    We missed having some of the live entertainment in the parks, especially in Epcot, but we didn't really miss much else. We rarely go to the shows in the parks, and we only occasionally stay in the parks for the nighttime entertainment, so that wasn't a big deal for us. We're passholders and DVC members who go three times a year on average, so we'll be back to see those things that are missing right now. We go for the atmosphere in the parks and the food -- Food & Wine was quite fun this year -- so we can still do that.

    More than shows and entertainment, we were not happy about some of our favorite restaurants being closed. We were able to eat at most of our favorites, but there were a few that we wish had been open. I guess with a significantly reduced capacity, along with a lack of dining plans, they can't justify having everything open right now. At least some more restaurants have opened in the meantime, so we'll get to go to some other favorites in December. The holiday food kiosks at Epcot will be great, too; Disney did a really smart thing by adding food kiosks to all the different festivals at Epcot.

    We found that the masks were a little uncomfortable for our first three or so days, but after that, we really didn't notice them. It was quite warm in September, so we're looking forward to cooler weather in December, which should make the masks even less noticeable. Wearing masks that fit properly and don't loop around the ears made a huge difference, too. The masks we used were big enough to fit our faces well, and the elastic straps holding the mask in place went all the way around the back of our heads, saving our ears from the rubbing and pulling of the ear loops. Our masks also had an extra filter in between the layers of fabric, so we felt very secure wearing those. We'd carry three masks with us each day, allowing us to change them out periodically. I got good at washing all of our masks in the sink each night and hanging them to dry, so they'd all be clean the next morning.

    Overall, we found the entire experience of going to WDW during a pandemic to be pretty easy. It felt safer than going to the grocery store, and we're happy we could do our part to keep at least some of the cast employed.

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    Well be there 12/8-12/16 at the Dolphin. Other than some favorite restaurants being closed (Yachtsman Steakhouse, Boma, etc). were finding it pretty much to our liking. We were at Universal from 10/13-10/21 and had a blast at the Hard Rock Hotel.



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