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Thread: Interesting Discussion of Annual Passholders By Motley Fool

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    Interesting Discussion of Annual Passholders By Motley Fool

    Motley Fool is an investment consulting firm that comments on state of various companies in regards to their business.

    In particular, Motley Fool discusses the situation with Annual Passholders at Disney, Universal and SeaWorld and their possible discontent with the re-opening of the WDW and other parks.

    Link to the discussion:

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    That is a decent high level summary, even without some of the nitty gritty details.

    The differences between the dynamics for local pass holders vs. pass holders from out of the local Central Florida area is part of the problem, IMO.

    If I lived there, and could just on a whim (well, whatever is left of a whim with the park reservations system now, that is) decide I wanted to try for admission on some random day and not have it be a big deal if I couldn't get a string of consecutive days, or a specific park on a certain day, etc., I would possibly keep my pass, depending on how much time was left on it when the closure happened.

    As an out of state pass holder, all of the limitations (particularly the 3 days at a time for people not staying at WDW resorts) made it a very bad deal for me to try to keep it.

    Being out of the area, I don't calculate the AP cost per day of the year, but per day I use it while on vacation. I buy an AP most times to try to get 3 trips (maybe with a short 4th) of maybe 4-6 days. And when I say three trips, I really mean 2 somewhat standard trips a year(with a short 3rd trip) , but if you schedule "next year's" trip a week or so earlier than the trip that activates the pass, I get three trips worth of park days for the cost of the pass. Getting in that many days with an AP is a benefit when compared to purchasing a park hopper pass for each trip (it's a close race with only 2 trips of the duration I mentioned). Being a person who drives while there, the theme park parking included with the pass works into the calculation too. Discounts on merchandise and a few food locations is nice too, but not something I try to calculate to see if the AP is worth it.

    I'm definitely a park person. I don't do pool time or other days when I stay exclusively at a resort/hotel. So if I had a day when I could not get a park reservation, I'm sitting in my room staring at the walls wondering what to do for the day. There is no way I would do that after flying or driving down. I'm normally a big fan of the hopper too, as mentioned in the article, no such thing right now. I am not sure I've ever set foot in all 4 parks on one day, but I've certainly done 3 parks a few times. I've even made a last minute trip to one right before leaving with the sole purpose being a last minute souvenir stop. ("oh, you know they have item xyz at a shop in Hollywood Studios? Sorry, your went to Magic Kingdom on your final day, so you can't go to that shop before heading home").

    Combine all that with all the things not happening (all evening shows, less availability of dining, etc), and also the worry of not knowing how well I would fare in the FL heat with a mask on all day, made it a very easy decision to cancel the pass once the refund calculation was explained. Oddly when selecting the refund, the system does not mention the actual dollar amount, but based on how Disney said they would calculate it, I know what I expect it to be when I get my credit for remaining days on my credit card in September. (I had almost exactly 6 months until my normal expiration when the closures started).

    So the way I looked at it was I got in 10 days of admission on my pass so far (one 6 day trip that was half days at the ends, with a 3 1/2 day short trip at Christmas time). That to me is a fine deal (considering the circumstances) for roughly half the cost of the pass for the year.

    If I do decide to attempt a trip while we are still in this mode of limited offerings, I would try to buy a regular ticket for a trip and since there is no hopping, the ticket would be cheaper than my normal comparison price for the AP. At this moment, I can't see myself attempting to do more than one trip while we are still in the same level of COVID chaos we have right now. So I am pretty sure I consider that a better scenario than keeping the AP and then also having to get one or more trips in before my AP expiration date.

    So do I want to go back to the parks? Eventually, absolutely! I normally do my trips as WDW focused with the occasional day at either Sea World or Universal every other trip or so. If everything goes back to normal sometime in the not too distant future, I'd be up for a slightly longer trip than normal, and I'd love to hit them all to support them, since I saved money by missing at least one cancelled trip so far. But in this mode of operation for the arks, it's way too many things to try to line up just right to try to attempt a successful trip. (all IMO, of course. I know other non-local APs on this board are getting ready for trips in the next couple months or so)


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    I ended up canceling my AP last night. Just don't see us going to a theme park anytime soon. My family is in agreement that they don't want to go while you have to wear a mask. So maybe 2022? It was an obvious choice to cancel.

    Missing Disneyland, but looking forward to Disney World!



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