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Thread: Top Five Tips for a Last-Minute Walt Disney World Trip

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    Top Five Tips for a Last-Minute Walt Disney World Trip

    Top Five Tips for a Last-Minute Walt Disney World Trip by Contributing Writer

    Guest author Gavin Doyle shares some tips and tricks for planning a last-minute Florida vacation

    Read it here!

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    A nice summary of the new rules to be aware of, but I have a few questions/points:

    1) I didn't see any mention of the limitation for off site guests to only reserve 3 days worth of park reservations (in either this article of the page linked within it). Isn't that still true? That's a pretty important detail to be aware of, unless it's quietly gone by the wayside and I just missed the memo.

    2) While I am certainly trying to stay as positive as the next person during all of this, I feel the following quote is possibly premature:

    The good news is that the Walt Disney World reopened successfully, with Disney going above and beyond, with stringent safety measures. Many of the guests visiting the resort since it's opened have reported that it's the safest they've felt in any public place. Perhaps even safer than your local grocery store.
    There is no denying Disney is making a solid effort in an attempt to keep people as safe as possible in this new environment. However, (as of July 24th) it's only been 13 days since MK and DAK opened, and 9 days since DHS and EPC opened. Declaring success should include enough of a time period to see any potential surge in health problems related to COVID-19 after visits. As an example, the surges being seen a lot of the country in July have been claimed as possibly linked to Memorial Day time frame, one and a half to two months ago at this point! Maybe it's just me, but I'd probably wait more than two weeks of operation (closer to one week for DHS and EPC) before declaring re-opening Walt Disney World a success. Lack of any further scaling back of available experiences and lack of a re-closure would be my measure of success (as a start).

    3) The following is not 100% accurate:
    Nighttime spectaculars, parades, and other entertainment options that draw large crowds will return at a later date
    While it has slightly slid under the radar, Rivers of Light is not ever returning apparently (permanent closure announced July 16). Based on comments I've seen on the few sites where the announcement of it's permanent closure was written up, I guess it was not as favored as my perception (I liked it quite a bit), but it's still would be considered a "Nighttime spectacular", and it's never returning. Surely they will eventually figure out something to do with a show using that stadium built into the banks of that lagoon, but we can probably bet it won't be any time soon.

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    Hey Gavin,
    Thank you for the excellent summary. I appreciate you putting it all in one place.
    One minor bit of contention, I thought Chris Barry had the copyright on "Top Five" stuff?
    Thanks again,



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