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Thread: My Disney Top 5 - Things on my Walt Disney World Bucket List

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    My Disney Top 5 - Things on my Walt Disney World Bucket List

    My Disney Top 5 - Things on my Walt Disney World Bucket List by Chris Barry

    Chris thinks about everything he hasn't been able to do at Walt Disney World but clearly aspires to.

    Read it here!

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    I “seize the day” on Disney trips with attractions, meeting characters, or purchasing merchandise since there is always a chance they will be gone or altered by the next trip. I learned this lesson during a few year stretch in the 1990s when World of Motion, Horizons, original the Journey into Imagination, and Mr Toads Wild Ride were closed or poorly reimagined. Out of fear of future closures or alterations, I always go on the classic MK attractions multiple times on all my trips. In regards to merchandise, we caught onto the Duffy craze toward the end of his run at Epcot. We hoped on our next trip to purchase more Duffy merchandise. Unfortunately, Duffy was gone and most of his merchandise was discontinued. Since I love Splash Mountain, luckily I’ve accumulated Splash themed pins, tshirts, and other misc items but I never purchased any Brers plush. I am hoping the Splash Mountain change is cancelled.

    I have done 2 of your 5 bucket list items: utilitors/Keys to Kingdom Tour and AKL. I enjoyed the KtK tour and found it fun and informative but once was enough. Seeing the utilitors and the backstage satisfied my curiosity but the backstage areas are not magical to me. As for AKL, I loved staying there and I enjoyed the savannah view. I took lots of photos. The drawback of AKL is the bus transportation to MK. Disney bus situation is too chaotic and unreliable although the AKL bus situation was not too bad. AKL is #3 of my favorite WDW resort behind Poly and Wilderness Lodge.

    Here is my Top 5 bucket list:
    1. Photography – Photography has become a recent hobby for myself. I love taking photos of every little detail of attractions, restaurants, and gift shops at the parks and resorts, therefore, there is plenty of these items I have not photographed yet.
    2. Visiting Resorts – I love resort hoping to take photos and buy minor resort specific merchandise (pins, penny press, magnets). I would love to visit all Disney resorts.
    3. Character dining – On recent trips, we found enjoyment of character dining with fur characters even as adults with no kids. I want to dine at all fur character dining locations.
    4. Visit WDW during July 4th – I have experienced Disney in all seasons or holiday celebrations except July 4.
    5. Visit Mickey Runaway Railway, Rise of Resistance, Skyway, and other upcoming attractions.

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    Well, I will try something different this time and gear my comments to my experience with your top 5. Thanks again for getting us thinking....
    5. We have wanted to do this for a long, long time. Maybe this August.
    4. May do this if we ever get the whole family down there. Maybe when the youngest gets married. Not high on the bucket list.
    3. We have been very, very fortunate to have stayed in a Kidani Village Savanah View room several times. Very cool.
    2. We took the Backstage tour and went down in the Utilidoors and were impressed. Highly recommend that tour for WDW geeks.
    1. If I win the lottery, which I am going to do very soon, I will stay at the Polynesian. We visited the property for the first time last year and it just has never been high on our list of properties to stay at. At least not for that kind of money. We love the Grand Floridian and also enjoy all of the different moderates we have stayed at.



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