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Thread: Sue (Holland) Rayford - Kidani Village June 25-28, 2020

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    Sue (Holland) Rayford - Kidani Village June 25-28, 2020


    Who: Sue (61), DVC Member
    Holli (56), friend
    Dates: June 25 28, 2020
    Resort: Disneys Kidani Village Resort
    Experience: Very Experienced (Sue), Beginner (Holli)

    My last trip was early March at Riviera, just before the world went absolutely insane over the COVID-19 crap. At that time I was looking forward to an upcoming HAL cruise at the end of the month, but that got canceled when the cruise lines stopped sailing. I quickly booked a short Disney resort stay for part of that time, but that got canceled as well when Disney closed. My next trip was a precious CLUB LEVEL stay at Jambo House leading up to Memorial Day weekend, with my friend Holli who also loves that sort of thing. When I realized that was not likely to happen, I booked club level again for late June. Finally, Disney announced they were opening the dvc resorts but it seems Jambo House was not considered a dvc resort since we only have the 5th floor (and a few rooms on the 6th floor) there. So, I talked with Holli and decided to move our rooms over to Kidani Village and wed create our own concierge lounge!

    I have a savannah view 1-bedroom villa booked, so that will be the faux concierge lounge. Holli has a separate studio. We get together at home, and both enjoy the cheeses, crackers, charcuterie and of course wine <g>. When SB is with us, we add something more substantial for him, but were both happy nibbling. Holli is booked on my December HAL cruise, and used my travel agent (Cheryl) for her booking. Cheryl is a longtime Disney friend, and now lives in the Disney area, so shell be joining us in the faux lounge for food, wine & conversation the first night.

    During this trip the parks are not open, but thats fine by me my pass would be blocked out this time of year, Holli doesnt have a pass, and theres no way I want to go to the parks during hot weather. This is a resort trip, although thanks to COVID-19 its not going to be normal. Disney is requiring guests to wear masks when in public areas in the resorts for that reason Ill be limiting my time in the public indoor areas. Im not planning to wear a mask when out by the pool. Im happy to stay 6 feet away from other people! I was hoping to show Holli the monorail resorts this trip, but now it seems they may not be open, or a confirmed dining reservation might be required to enter. Plus, the monorail wont be running. She also hoped to do the culinary tour at Boma/Jiko again, but thats not an option this trip.

    Theres Disney Springs, but probably not with the mask requirement just too hot & humid for that. The only Disney transportation will be between the resort and Disney Springs, but we will have a car in case we find somewhere to go! Since this covid stuff started last March, Hollis been working 6 days a week and Ive been working 7. Typically Monday-Friday are 11 hour days, Saturday is 4-5 hours, and Sunday about half that. I had a full day off in May when I went to Ft Myers for a dental appointment, and before that I was off March 29th. This trip Ill be off 2 full days (Fri/Sat), which will be a real treat! Well both work part of Thursday, and part of Sunday after we get back.

    We head back to Gainesville on Sunday. With this COVID crap were doing all the medical theater so many other places are doing. Holli will be sanitizing vending machines (my day is Saturday, so SB will cover it for me), and Ill be working at the temperature checkpoint for staff coming in at afternoon shift change. I say medical theater because theres not been a documented case of transmission by touching a surface, and there are a huge number of asymptomatic infected people (no fever). In addition, a study of infected people showed only 30% had a fever as one of their symptoms. So, temperature taking is mainly for show including at Universal, Disney, etc. Even our medical director agrees, but the CDC still recommends it. However, weve been extraordinarily lucky that none of our 300 elderly, medically fragile, immune-compromised residents have gotten infected, so we persevere with all the experts advice (and keep our fingers crossed).

    The plans so far are:
    Thursday 6/25: Drive to WDW, Faux Concierge Lounge
    Friday 6/26: Pool, Faux Concierge Lounge
    Saturday 6/27: Pool, Faux Concierge Lounge
    Sunday 6/28: Drive to Gainesville

    DAY 1 Thursday 6/25/20
    Who: Sue (61), DVC Member
    Holli (56), friend

    Plan: Drive to WDW, Faux Concierge Lounge

    Actual: Oh my, this day turned out to be full of unexpected issues. Holli had said earlier in the week that she had been looking forward to this trip so much, she was only afraid that something bad would happen to derail it. Well, at 10am we learned we had residents who had tested positive for COVID-19, our first time. The good news is all are totally asymptomatic, and weve been taking their temperatures twice a day for months now. Just goes to show how meaningful temperature checks (aka medical theater) are!

    Anyway, the rest of the morning was spent dealing with that and trying to make plans, but it was difficult since the test results of several other residents from these 2 homes (and all the staff) were still not known. We expected to get more positive cases, and as the day wore on we did. Holli left at noon and I left after my daily noon COVID conference call (one of many). We were on the road at 1pm, and arrive at Kidani Village just before 3pm. During the drive down (I was driving) she served as my secretary reading emails to me and typing replies, plus she had her own work drama calls related to one of the departments in her division. It was nuts. I also had a few calls related to COVID, coordinating our new increased staffing needs, equipment needs, etc. So help me understand why a bunch of infected patients with NO symptoms need to cause all this panic geesh!

    During the drive Id gotten the email that my villa was ready, but Holli didnt receive any notification on her studio. We parked in the Timon section and got all of our stuff up to the villa in only 2 trips, which was pretty impressive given the amount of wine wed brought <g>. The villa is fabulous perfect for entertaining and creating the faux concierge lounge. We expected to have everything all put together before Cheryl arrived at 5, but that was not to be.

    We unpacked the food & wine, storing the perishables in the fridge. We had another conference call to call in for at 4:15, but figured we had plenty of time. I talked with Michael at work and learned of even more drama 2 more homes where a staff (working in both homes) was suspected positive, and another staff who stupidly gathered with extended family hugging and crying (one member had a broken arm from a car accidentgeesh) at the hospital and then learned one of the family members there was positive. So, that shut down an entire department (for the 3rd frickin time).

    Holli & I headed to the lobby about 3:45, but I took us in the wrong direction. Eventually I realized we were headed to Jambo House and not the lobby, so we had to backtrack. At the lobby we waited and then were able to get Hollis room number right across the hall from my villa. We trudged back to the villa and got her stuff, but at her studio her magic band didnt work. While checking in, it was very difficult to understand what the cast member was saying, since she was wearing a mask and was behind a plexiglass partition. We spent a lot of time saying What??. So frustrating.

    The cast member reset the magic band, and we trudged back to the rooms by now it was 4:15. She tapped her magic band and got rapid flashing green, then nothing but read. It wasnt working. We trudged back to the lobby, and had to stand in line. After a little while I approached the gentleman working in the lobby and told him wed been here 3 times already, and Holli cant get into her room and were supposed to be on a work conference call thats already started. He took the magic band and they worked on it for quite a while, then returned it to us so we could trudge back to the rooms. This time it worked.

    We went into the villa and dialed in to join the conference call, which was planning the next steps for this COVID situation. We used my work cell phone to call in, but during the call one of my managers was trying to reach me. I took my personal cell into the bedroom and called our switchboard to eventually get in touch with her. Also one of my other managers (my deputy) had some questions, but he was able to call in to the meeting and handled things really well. Cheryl arrived at 5, and we were still on the call with nothing set up, and Hollis luggage still at the door, lol!

    She understood, and sat in the living room while the call wrapped up. We briefed her on the craziness, and got busy setting up the faux lounge. Holli cut up the cheeses and meats, and arranged them on a platter Id brought. I did the crackers, and Cheryl pitched in as needed. She brought us chocolate and a loaf of banana chocolate chip bread shed made thoughtful and Im sure itll all be delicious!

    We set up the foods on the coffee table in the living room (photo in the album). Id brought some Disney 4th of July plates & napkins, to add a Disney touch. We had several cheeses, chorizo, salami, different olives & pickles & little pepper things. Also there were 5-6 different crackers, dark chocolate covered almonds, and of course wine. They drank red tonight and I stuck with white (sauvignon blanc).

    We had a great time talking and sharing stories. At some point I remembered the butter chicken Id brought, so I fixed that in the microwave and portioned it onto 3 saucers. The real concierge lounge serves this on Friday nights, but since Cheryl was coming over on Thursday we did it a day early. Everyone really liked it, and 1/3 was perfect given the other food. Eventually Cheryl headed home, and Holli & I moved out to the balcony and watched the animals until it got dark.

    The baby zebra was out with a couple adult zebras, and they were running around playing quite a bit. We had several giraffe, lots of storks, a couple ankole cattle, some addax, and other animals. This location seems to be really good. When the truck would come by to restock the giraffe feeding areas the giraffe would come walking over very quickly they know to follow the food!

    After it got dark we came inside and cleaned up everything there were lots of leftovers to put back into the refrigerator, and dishes to put in the dishwasher. Holli took the partial bottle of red wine and headed across the hall to her studio to unpack and relax. I unpacked my stuff, and then got started on the trip report. I hate having it all to do at the end of the day, but today was a crazy day and Im sure next week will be even crazier since were doing mandatory testing of all staff and I give it zero percent chance that everyone (900 people) will be negative. So, another bigger nightmare next week. While we follow the guidelines at work (even those that are meaningless like the temperature checks), too many people out in the community (our staff included) do not act right gathering in large groups with masks, etc.

    In trying to give an adjective to today, I guess it would be mixed stressful and great. The stuff at work is stressful, but we knew it would come at some point. Coming 2 hours before I was leaving for a trip was really crappy, but Im thankful I was still able to go. After the call ended (and the nonsense trying to get into Hollis room), the rest of the day was wonderful! Its great being here, and we all had a terrific evening. Ill have to remember to invite Cheryl over to the real lounge next time Holli & I are there (hopefully Sept).

    Tomorrow we have a conference call at 1:15 and another at 2:00. No doubt Ill have things to deal with, so the trip isnt a total getaway, but then I dont ever have a trip that doesnt have some work stuff involved and wont until I retire some day. My plan is to head out to the pool in the morning, before it gets to 100 degrees (June sucks), and Ill hear from Holli at some point. Well do the faux concierge lounge again, but with a smaller quantity of food!

    DAY 2 Friday 6/26/20
    Who: Sue (61), DVC Member
    Holli (56), friend

    Plan: Pool, Faux Concierge Lounge

    Actual: Last night I slept great its so nice being back in a Disney bed, at a DVC resort! I slept in until 5:18, then got up and made my cappuccino taking that and the laptop into bed. It looks like today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far, with actually temps over 100 oh joy. Well most likely just be hanging around the resort since we have some work things in the afternoon it wouldnt be worth trying to go anywhere today.

    Eventually I made my breakfast egg and piece of bacon. After that I changed into a swimsuit and headed down to the pool. It was already quite warm, and will be near 100 before noon. When I got to the pool I learned it didnt open until 11 am!! That is ridiculous thats when I would have been leaving to get back to air conditioning! This resort doesnt have a leisure pool, so anyone staying here hoping to spend the morning at the pool is just screwed. I was not happy, but didnt take out on the cast member its not his decision.

    I went back to the villa and spent an hour or so out on the balcony. I had a few giraffe for a short while, a couple addax under a tree, lots of the pretty cranes, and after a while the 2 ankole cattle came around and settled onto a shady spot. No sign of the zebras yet, but later in the day everyone will be more active. I checked in with work, and was told it was a mess, but didnt get to actually speak to the person just yet. He was in a meeting, I needed to get in the shower, etc.

    I texted Holli to see if she was interested in riding the bus over to Disney Springs for a short visit and we agreed to head out at 10:30. My shower was a challenge dont like the shower head in the master bath at all. I was dressed, blow-dried and ready by 10:30 so when Holli came over we headed down to the bus stops.

    A woman was there with 4 little kids. Upon closer look, they were 2 sets of twins. We chatted with her while waiting for the bus to arrive. When it did, it was empty. The driver explained there were 6 zones and each party could pick a zone. Theyve got barricades up to separate one zone from the next, and have some seats marked off to remain empty. Hand straps are zip-tied up so people know standing up is not ok.

    Eventually we arrived, and there was no line at the temperature check. We breezed right in, both fever-free. Disney Springs wasnt very busy, which was really nice! In the past it was always a nightmare, so this was a real treat. The only negative was the hot weather, and of course wearing a mask.

    We didnt go into too many shops, since we didnt have a lot of time. I took Holli into the patisserie to show her the pretty pastries, and we ended up sharing a chocolate mousse rose. It was delicious so smooth and it had raspberry in the center. After finishing that we continued walking, browsing through World of Disney, Marketplace Co-op, Goofys Candy Co, and Tommy Bahama. By then it was time to head back, so we made the long walk to the bus stops to catch a bus back to the resort. The bus was already there, thank goodness.

    Back at the resort, we walked through the pool area, which was very busy and very hot! Of course, theres nothing else for people to do, so the pool would be busy. We stopped at the pool bar and got drinks banana cabana for me and sunshine margarita for Holli. Both were very good, and we took them up to the villa.

    We had about 5 minutes before getting on the 1:15 conference call. The second call ended just before 3, and we went out to the balcony since many of the animals were out now. We had addax, wildebeest, and 4 giraffe. I called Old Key West since Id be there in a couple weeks and we are planning to grill out one night. Unfortunately, at this time they are not letting people use the grills. Geesh.

    We decided to walk down to the animal viewing area at the center of the resort, since we hadnt been there yet. After watching the animals for a bit we toured through Sanaa, since Holli had never seen it before and thought it was really pretty. We also checked out the pretty ladies restroom next door.

    We went back to the villa, and sat on the balcony for a while, until it just got too hot (actual 96 but feels like 107). Thank goodness the humidity was low, but it still got awful out there. I caught up with work stuff on the phone, and discussed how things had gone there today & some plans for when I return. By 5 we were back inside, and decided to set up the faux lounge.

    The real lounge doesnt serve the exact same items every night, so neither did we. We had some of the same items, but also a few new things wed brought a lot of variety with us. Tonights wine was the Indaba chenin blanc, which they serve in the real lounge.

    It was another pleasant evening, with good food, good wine, & good company. There werent as many animals nearby as there had been the previous night, but since it was too hot to be out there for more than a couple minutes, I guess that wasnt necessarily a bad thing. The evening flew by, and Holli left around 9:30 after cleaning everything up for me!

    I was up for a while later talking with Michael at work. At one point he got a work call so we hung up and when he called back I learned one of our residents had died nothing COVID related. I asked who, and commented that hed been with us at the Ft Myers place before coming here, and he said no he was looking at the face sheet and it showed hed been in Gainesville since the 1950s. I told him I could have sworn the guy was with us, so he went to check and called back later to say the damn face sheet was wrong. Why cant people get stuff right??? In this case the guy was admitted in the 50s, but when Ft Myers opened he moved there (60s) and then when we were closing moved back to Gainesville in 2007. For whatever reason theyd used the original admission date on the paperwork, which is not the correct date to use.

    After that I went to bed, forgetting completely about the trip report! I didnt remember until I got up the next morning, so my apologies for messing up the routine.

    DAY 3 Saturday 6/27/20
    Who: Sue (61), DVC Member
    Holli (56), friend

    Plan: Pool, Faux Concierge Lounge

    Actual: Once again I slept really well, sleeping in until nearly 5:30. It was then that I realized I didnt remember posting the report last night not sure if it was the wine, old age, or all the work related stuff. Thank goodness it was current up to when we set up the faux lounge, so it didnt take long to finish. I made my cappuccino, lazed around online, made breakfast and showered at some point, and was ready at the agreed-upon time of 9:30 to head out with Holli.

    Todays plan was to show her Polynesian and Grand Floridian, since theres a walkway between the two resorts. We are using Disney buses, since a hot car in this weather does not appeal and weve got plenty of time. The first time I brought Holli to Jambo House, she loved it so much she ended up buying a new mattress after finding her bed at the resort so comfortable. This trip its the light-up makeup mirror in the bathroom shell be shopping for <g>. Unfortunately, theres no way for her to get any live zebra to graze in her backyard, so thats a no-go.

    I ran the dishwasher this morning, and hung out online until it was time to go. SB was at work sanitizing vending machines for me, and will do it again this afternoon. Hell also do it tomorrow morning for Holli. Im not sure its necessary or does any good, but sanitizing is one of those recommendations, so anyone who doesnt do a lot of it looks suspect. Just like taking temperatures.

    I texted Holli to let her know she could come over at any time, and she showed up a little earlier than the planned 9:30. Id just seen Carol Steins performance from the side of the road in Yellowstone Natl Park (the woman just happened to have a keyboard and a generator in the truck, so set up for an impromptu concert, lol) so I played the America the Beautiful performance for Holli to see. After that we headed to the bus stop, where our bus was waiting for us.

    We may have been the only passengers, and we were asked to wait a minute while the driver sanitized the bus from the couple of passengers who had just gotten off. Soon we were seated and underway to Disney Springs. Once there, to get to the bus stops we had to enter Disney Springs through the temperature checkpoint and then turn around to exit to the bus stops, lol! Oh well, we were fever-free so no problem, and there was no wait.

    This time our bus wasnt waiting for us in fact wed seen it leave while we were pulling in on the Kidani bus. We waited in the shade, and eventually another Grand Floridian bus arrived. We got onboard and had another private ride over to the resort. Since the main resort is closed the bus dropped us off at the front entrance to the DVC building.

    Holli liked the Mary Poppins touches, and attention to detail. We went outside, and saw the pool here is also only open 11-9 (disappointing). The kiddie splash area is under renovation and was dry. I wasnt sure if the main building would be open, but I thought Grand Floridian Caf was so therefore we should be able to get inside. Sure enough, we walked in and were invited to go to the lobby. Some of the furniture had been removed, but it was so uncrowded it wasnt a problem at all. A handful of people were sitting on various sofas, just enjoying some quiet time. Holli thought the resort was really pretty. We wandered through one of the shops, and rode the elevator to take some pictures from the upper level. I found old photos of the Christmas tree and gingerbread house on my phone, and she was impressed by both of those.

    When we finished here we went back outside and took the path over to the Polynesian. Along the way we passed the wedding pavilion, but the gates were closed so we couldnt get very close to it. We could see the castle in the distance, and gold coloring on top looks pretty. It was a HOT walk to Polynesian, as it wasnt shaded. It felt really good to finally enter the Great Ceremonial House!

    We passed Captain Cooks, then went to see the lobby. I asked if she noticed the scent/smell here was different than at Grand Floridian, and she did. She also commented on the scent at Kidani. Each resort has a signature scent, at least among the deluxe resorts. Im not sure its true at the values or moderates. I asked Holli if she liked pineapple and she said yes, so I took her out to Pineapple Promenade and got us each a vanilla and dolewhip swirl. We took it into the air-conditioned lobby, and she loved it! Other people were in there eating theirs as well. It was nice to be without a mask for that period of time, too!

    After the dole whip we browsed through the shop, checked out the pool, then headed to the bus stop where our bus was waiting for us. Once again it was a private ride to Disney Springs. This time they dropped us off at the bus stops, rather than the usual drop off point. We were directed to the temperature entrance, so we went in that way even though our intent was to head to the West Side.

    We wanted to go to Uni Qlo but they were closed for some reason. There were storm troopers up on the roof interacting with people passing by below, and it was really cute. We saw the same thing later on the West Side. I wondered if the boat transportation to Saratoga and Old Key West was operating, but the dock was closed/empty. Jock Lindays Hangar Bar had a closed sign on the door, which was the result of yesterdays order shutting down on-premises drinking in bars that derive less than 50% of their revenue from food. Bars in restaurants are fine, and outside beverage carts are fine because they can sell all the to go alcohol they want.

    At the West Side we went into the Star Wars store solely because we need a few air-conditioned minutes. Neither of us gives a crap about Star Wars. We also walked into Candy Cauldron, but didnt buy anything. When we got to House of Blues we noticed their happy hour had started, so we decided to stop there.

    Theyd removed all the seats at the bar, but we took a high-top table near the bar and just used that. Holli had a margarita and I had a glass of house wine. We thought about food from the happy hour menu, but we werent really that hungry yet after the dole whips. We enjoyed the air-conditioning, and having the mask off for a while. It was a nice respite from the heat. Best of all my wine and her margarita were only $5 each during happy hour!

    Sufficiently cooled down, we left House of Blues and remarked how crazy the people sitting outside having drinks were (figured they must live on the equator itself in order to be able to stand the heat today, lol). We headed to the bus stops, where our bus was waiting but getting ready to pull out. We ran up ahead and I shouted so the driver heard me. He opened the doors and took us to the back entrance and told us to take sections 5 or 6 in the back of the bus. It worked out really well, because we sat across the aisle from each other and both of us had partitions on either side and were out of view of any of the mirrors so we were able to pull our masks down.

    When we got back to Kidani we realized the only other passenger on the bus was a solo guy sitting near the front. The driver went to all the trouble of getting off and walking us to the back door so we wouldnt pass in front of the guy (wearing a mask like we all were), but then of course once we get off the bus were cross paths at the bus stop, lol.

    It was nearly 2pm so we agreed on 5 for the faux lounge again, and I told Holli if she wanted to come over earlier just text me, and if I thought of anything to do Id text her. I pulled the suitcase out of the closet and packed up what I could, then sat in the living room to update the trip report.

    Once that was done I decided to go check out the main animal viewing area, and let Holli know. She was resting her foot, so I headed out on my own. Being so hot, I was the only fool out there. One of the rocking chairs was partly in the shade, so I sat there to watch the animals. The biggest giraffe was staring at me, and came over to a shady spot next to a tree and just stood there staring at me. A somewhat smaller one came and stood in a shady spot off to the side and also stared at me, although he/she would eventually look elsewhere at times. The original big guy just stared at me. This went on for nearly 30 minutes! The resort just reopened this past Monday, so I guess after months of only seeing the cast who care for them I was interesting. This has never happened before, so thats the only reason I can think of.

    Eventually the giraffe moved on, and I was able to get out of the heat! I didnt want to leave before, curious about how long hed stay staring at me. I went back up to the villa to cool off, and just before 5 started pulling the cheeses and meats out of the fridge to start setting up the faux lounge.

    Holli arrived just after 5, and between the 2 of us we had everything set up pretty quickly. Once again, the standby favorites were present but there were new items. I had the Disney Parks music on the tv, and we sat in the living room where the faux lounge was set up on the coffee table. We finished off the Indaba chenin blanc then switched to a sauvignon blanc Id brought.

    Around 6 we facetimed with cruise buddy Fran up in NJ. Shed flown up there Thursday, and has rented a house on the NJ shore for the month of July to get away from the disgusting FL summer weather and coincidentally Floridas COVID failure. Although, where she lives its mostly older people and its the young ones that are the problem. We all feel our fabulous December HAL cruise will not happen, which is a huge disappointment. But, we agreed to rebook for December 2021 if that happens.

    After chatting with Fran we went out to the balcony and watched the animals wildebeest, giraffe and eland. The wildebeest were running around in a circle for some reason. This resort and Jambo House is so special Ive said it before many times, but where on earth outside of Africa can you go and have these beautiful animals roaming freely off your balcony??? Only Disney (well, maybe some places in India too). Its hard to put a price on how special this is.

    While we were inside we finished the Disney parks music loop and switched over to Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, then a show about Funniest Home Videas. Holli left around 10, after we cleaned everything up, and we agreed to head out at 9:30 tomorrow morning. SB will be sanitizing vending machines for her in the morning, but shell need to do it in the afternoon. Im due at the temperature checkpoint by 1:30. Poor SB went in this morning at 5, worked the temperature checkpoint and then sanitized vending machines for me before going home. Then he went back in to work 3-11:30pm, and will be back in tomorrow at 5am.

    I finished up the report, and tonight remembered to post it before going to bed <g>.

    DAY 4 Sunday 6/28/20
    Who: Sue (61), DVC Member
    Holli (56), friend

    Plan: Drive to Gainesville

    Actual: Today we head back to Gainesville, and work. But first, we had one last morning to relax in our comfortable Disney rooms. I was up at 5 with my cappuccino, doing online stuff and watching the news. Eventually I showered and had breakfast, then puttered around some more. The giraffe were out munching on branches & leaves, so I watched them for a while.

    It didnt take too long to pack up the rest of the stuff, and we headed out around 9:30. This trip was a really nice respite from the real world, even though work never stays out of the picture entirely. I was very thankful to be able to still get away, given the outbreak that occurred literally within 2 hours of us leaving! Things werent entirely normal here at Disney either, but all things considered I think Disney is doing a great job implementing lots of measures but not ruining the experience.

    It was a real treat having hardly anyone around at the resorts, and even Disney Springs on a Saturday. For the past several years its been an unpleasant mob scene there (which is a big reason I dont bother going over), so this was a real treat. Everyone was wearing their masks, cast members were cleaning constantly, and we didnt see anyone doing anything they shouldnt. Assuming Universal & Sea World are doing the same, the theme parks will be safe places to visit safer than stuff in your local towns/neighborhoods.

    My biggest complaint would be the pool hours not opening until 11 is ridiculous when its already 90+ degrees by then! My next trip starts in 12 days, for 2 nights at Old Key West and I booked us near the hospitality house. Thats where the main pool is, which I figured Ari would like best for the water slide, but not if it doesnt open until 11. I guess Ill have to take a bus to one of the quiet pools, which should be open 24 hours.

    The photos are on Snapfish, at

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you all get back to your Disney trips before too much longer. Stay healthy!

    Sue (Holland) Rayford

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    Thanks for sharing your visit. Its good to see the hotels back in action. I agree that the 11:00 am pool opening time is a little late. Hopefully that will change once staffing gets back up to speed.

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    I enjoyed reading your report Sue. I am so glad you were able to travel and share it with all of us. A tiny bit of normal in this upside down world. Looking forward to your next report. Stay Safe

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