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Thread: CNN - SHOULD you visit Disney World in July?

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    CNN - SHOULD you visit Disney World in July?

    Below is a link to the article and above that are excerpts, with a few words in bold. If you go, be safe!

    Forrest Brown, CNN • Updated 28th May 2020

    (CNN) — For months now, fans of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida have been anxiously awaiting news of when their beloved resort would reopen.

    The wait for a date is over: Disney has proposed a phased reopening starting on July 11 with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. EPCOT and Hollywood Studios would follow along on July 15...

    Now for the big question on everyone's mind: Should I go?
    . . . there's a lot think about before you decide.

    First, we'll look at the medical angle. Who is healthy enough to go? Who should be more cautious? What should you think about before you make plans?

    Health and safety

    . . . Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious diseases specialist at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, said your considerations break down into two categories: Who you are and the external environment.

    Schaffner said anyone in the following groups should give very careful consideration to making a trip to Disney World (or other amusement parks for that matter):

    -- Senior citizens
    -- People with chronic, underlying illnesses
    -- People with heart and lung conditions
    -- People who are immunocompromised
    -- People with high blood pressure and diabetes

    "We know this virus makes some people sicker than others. These are the folks we are most concerned about," Schaffner said.

    Dr. Shannon Hopson, an endocrinologist in Corvallis, Oregon, concurs.
    "Anyone who is in the high-risk groups for serious illness would need to be cautious about returning -- but also anyone who regularly comes in close contact with those who fit the criteria for being high-risk," she said. "I see so many people with the attitude of 'well if I get it, so be it,' but they forget about the risk to their friends and family [back home]."

    And of course, people who know they have Covid-19 or who are experiencing symptoms should stay away.
    . . . Disney World will be checking the temperatures of its employees and guests before they can enter any park. People will also be required to arrive with face coverings and wear them inside the park.

    Disney will have numerous other safety measures in place. Among them are reduced capacity (so it's less crowded), cashless transactions, more hand-sanitizing stations and social distancing markers.

    Getting there and staying there

    As for the external environment, the first thing to think about is how you'll get to Disney World, Schaffner said. If you drive, you'll be in a self-contained environment that you control. But if you fly, you'll be exposed to others."The virus likes to be transmitted through close personal contact in enclosed spaces."

    Schaffner advises travelers on planes to wear a mask and stay six feet away from others as much as possible.
    Then you need to think about your time outside the park.For one example, Schaffner mentioned pools at hotels. He advises being mindful about keeping distance there, too."Mama and Daddy, watch the kiddies. You should talk to them in this virus era and let them know they must separate from other people," he said.

    . . . "You don't want to have this wonderful, pleasurable experience and then get infected by this virus. It is very nasty."

    Some people still aren't ready for a Disney trip yet. They either have too many concerns about coronavirus or they want to wait for amusement parks to return to the days of yore.

    . . . Hopson, the endocrinologist in Oregon, is a major Disney World fan and the mother of two boys -- Zach, 6, and Finn, 9. She estimates she's been at least 15 times.But for now, safety concerns outweigh the desire for a ride on the Slinky Dog Dash, a family favorite, at Hollywood Studios. . . She canceled a trip in March and has no plans for rescheduling just yet. "If I'm going to take my kids to any amusement park before there is a vaccine, it will be Disney. They know how to do things right, and I trust that Disney will have measures in place to do all that is humanly possible to decrease the risk of virus transmission," Hopson said.But that's not enough to get her in yet.

    "The problem is I don't know that I trust the general population to actually follow all those measures. So many people are struggling with just wearing a mask to go to the grocery store -- I have a hard time imagining anyone being able to keep a mask on for hours in the middle of the summer at Disney World."

    . . . Events such as Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade feature the ghostly inhabitants of the Haunted Mansion, one of Martin Lewison's favorite attractions.Lewison, aka "Professor Roller Coaster," said his wife is an ER doctor and isn't able to take a vacation now.Even if they could plan one, "my wife's not comfortable getting on a plane at the moment"....

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    Florida has over 100,000 people with coronavirus.

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    I don't think I have to take a back seat to anyone on the planet in my love for Disney parks. But wild horses couldn't drag me into one until at least 2021. I can't imagine having to wear a mask in the Florida heat. And I'd be suspect of everything I touch, making the whole trip much more unsettling than it's worth.

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