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Thread: Mickey's Basement Part One

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    Mickey's Basement Part One

    Mickey's Basement Part One by Gregg Jacobs

    A self-isolating Gregg takes a look through his own collection and his very Mickey Mouse-themed basement.

    Read it here!

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    Quite a collection there! One thing I noticed--that Disneyland map is not from 1968, rather it's from about 1964. A couple of things give that away. First is that Tomorrowland is the "old" pre-1967 Tomorrowland, easy to tell because of the Flying Saucers attraction. Also, starting with the 1968 map, the style was changed to a somewhat less-detailed style. The one on your wall was one of the first set done by Sam McKim. It's a nice map though!

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    Very nice display! I can't wait to see the 3 dimensional collection in the next article.

    I took a look through a book I recently (maybe within the last 2 years) bought at one of the shops in WDW. It's titled "Maps of the Disney Parks", subtitled "Charting 60 Years from California to Shanghai". On page 39 of that book, it has what looks like an identical map to the one on your wall (same colored border with all the characters interspersed with Disneyland spelled out, seemingly identical image of the park, has the compass with Tinkerbell, Disneyland drawn on what is meant to look like rolled parchment, Walt's head right below it, etc.) It labels this map as from 1962. I looked, but the book doesn't have a DL map from 1968. Since it covers all parks (and not just actual park maps, but early concept art too), the book started to show some preliminary work for WDW in the late 60's to early 70's.

    An article I found here claims there are actually 3 versions for 1968. I only tried to google 1968 after reading this article, so I have no idea what the differences may be.


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    Vanduid and Dave, thanks for the comments and feedback. Always very happy to learn and what you both said was very interesting!

    To give a little more info and background, the map, itself, actually has a copyright date of 1962. Maybe naively, I assumed the basics of the map hadn't changed appreciably for few years, so thought the copyright wasn't changed and that this one was made and sold in 1968. I remember seeing that the colored band around the map was different from year to year, and that baby blue was the 1968 version. Again, this is based on what the seller told me and my own research at the time, but this is just to give a little background on my (potentially incorrect) thought process:-)

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    Hey Gregg,

    Great stuff! I have a similar set of those first attraction posters, which I also happened to buy at the Contemporary it theyre actually made out of tin. They were released for the 40th. Same monorail and Haunted Mansion posters and my set also came with the Tiki Room. Love them. Wish they made a second set with some of the attraction posters you have.

    Im pretty sure I remember an animation shop in the Huntington area but I cant remember the name either.

    And, of course, the shout out is much appreciated!!




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