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Thread: Current crowd levels

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    Current crowd levels

    Anyone else been following the crowd levels at WDW? I follow several accounts on Twitter and they have been posting pictures of the crowds the past couple of weeks. It looks like it has just been packed there the past few weeks, like a holiday weekend every day. One picture showed the line at MK for Mad Hatter was down to the food vendor carts by Dumbo. I have never seen that before. I saw a picture this morning for the crowd to just enter into Galaxy's Edge. Crowds do not deter me from going, but just interesting on crowd levels during this "off season" and while schools are in.

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    I think Steve Russo commented about the crowds several times in his trip report for 1/19-2/3.

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    My niece and nephew were there a couple weeks ago. They usually go at this time of year, every year, and they said the crowds were larger than they have ever seen.

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    I have not been there lately, but I did note last weekend when just checking FP+ availability to see what the prospects were (AP, so checking the 30 day window) that there were days when there was NOTHING open at DHS! I was looking to see the impact of the Falcon joining FP+, and it's not like I expected to see Slinky Dog or TSMM, etc, but one day had only Muppets available. Not even The Little Mermaid show!

    Maybe there was something goofy with the system the day I checked (or maybe I picked school break times by random chance), but it was for the first few days of March, and then I also checked some days only 2 weeks or so out (Late Feb) also and it was not identical, but similarly low availability.

    I've not tried since, but probably will check a few days (and maybe other parks too) over the weekend to check if it's still like that, or maybe I just hit a lot of time when people are off from school.


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    I was here all week and it was pretty busy.



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