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Thread: Today I Wish I Was...

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    Cool Today I Wish I Was...

    Enjoying the libations and atmosphere in Oga's after 4 or 5 trips on the Falcon...Watching Kevin 'make' the green apple boba balls for those fruity drinks and trying to guess what vegetables were used in the various Batuu Bits. Such an awesome joint to unwind a bit middle of your day at Galaxys Edge!


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    Sitting on my patio at SS drinking my coffee while over looking Disney Springs. Instead of sitting here drinking my coffee while looking at snow.

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    Riding the skyliner betwixt Epcot and Studios with a cold beverage smuggled on board... taking in the views... it's a shame they dont have external lighting. Disappointing nighttime rides. Oh, its gonna be 80s next week so I guess we cant ride them due to incongruous unfounded complaints about the heat and airflow...LOL


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    Watching the animals roam on the Savannah while sitting on my balcony at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

    Past Trips: 2006-POR; 2008-POP; 2009-CBR; 2010-VB/AKV Kidani; 2010-BLT; 2011-BWV; 2011-AKV Kidani; 2013-BCV/BLT; 2014-AKL Jambo (Concierge); 2015-SSR/OKW; 2016 BCV/AKV Kidani; 2018 BWV; 2019 Mar-BLT/Sept-AKV Jambo

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    Resting and scanning crates around GE after early rides on ROTR and Smugglers.. perhaps with a ronto wrap and thermal detonator..


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