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Thread: Long Weekend trip

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    Long Weekend trip

    Dates: September 28th October 1st
    Resort: Country Inn and Suites Orlando
    Participants: Myself and DW

    I received a call from my wife that she received an email for a fare sale from Milwaukee to Orlando. After debating some, we decided to plan a long weekend trip. I booked a room at the Country Inn and Suites and made a car reservation. I purchased our tickets and made Fast Pass reservations. The plan is to spend one day at Disney Springs, visiting some of the resorts, and taking a trip on the Skyliner.

    I had been looking for a room on property and was only finding rooms at Coronado Springs. At one point I had seen a room at Port Orleans French Quarter, but the price was still a little high for me. I held out and by the day before we left, I was not able to find anything. We moved ahead with just staying at the Country Inn and Suites.

    September 28th
    Plan: Fly out of Milwaukee and arrive late in Orlando
    I had been looking for a deal on hotel rooms on property and had not found any deals. On Saturday morning, my wife saw a deal on a room at the Coronado resort, so I quickly booked a room there and canceled our other room, along with our rental car. The rest of the day we spent getting ready and doing stuff around the house. We got everything done and then just sat around waiting for our ride to the airport to pick us up.

    The trip to the airport and flight were uneventful. We did not pay to choose our seats and still were next to each other. We ended up having a row to ourselves, so I moved over from the middle seat to the window. The flight got in late and we looked for a place to grab a bite to eat at the airport, but everything was closed. After picking up our luggage we got on board the bus to head to the hotel. Check in was quick and easy and we were driven over to our building in the Ranchos section.

    When we got to our room, we looked to see if there were any eating options, but everything was closed. Since there was nothing to eat, we unpacked and headed to bed.

    September 29th
    Plan: Disney Springs, resort hopping, Skyliner

    We got up and got ready, then headed across the lagoon to find some breakfast. My wife was getting hangry, since we had not eaten anything in quite a while. After wandering around and some discussion, we decide to split a meal at El Mercado. We got the scrambled egg plater and we were unimpressed. The eggs were softer than I like and the food was all lukewarm, but there was plenty for the two of us.

    It was the grand opening of the Skyliner and we wanted to check it out, so we took a bus from our resort to Hollywood studios and had a nice smooth trip to the Art of Animation. We walked through the resort and were not overly impressed. We boarded a bus and took it over to Disney Springs, since our next stop was Port Orleans and beignets.

    Since it was still early when we arrived at Disney Springs, it was quiet and not crowded as we walked through to board a boat up the river. We were the only ones on the boat and had a nice romantic ride up to Port Orleans. Making our way through the resort, we really enjoyed the atmosphere and energy of the resort. I regretted that I did not book a stay there. After eating our sugary goodness, we boarded a bus and headed to the Magic Kingdom to tour the monorail resorts.

    After getting to the TTC, we boarded the monorail and headed over to the Contemporary. Upon arrival at the hotel, I was looking at the mural that I got confused on where to go and ended up following the crowd with strollers and ended up at the elevator instead of the escalator. We had a little bit of a wait to go down and then we wandered around. When we finished browsing, we boarded the monorail and continued on to the Polynesian. We looked around the resort for a bit and decided to head back to Disney Springs, since we were getting a bit hungry.

    My wife had seen on a food blog that Jock Lindseys had a charcuterie pretzel that she wanted to try. At the restaurant, there was a beer from a brewery that I had wanted to try, so I ordered that to have with lunch. We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful day out. We split the pretzel and really enjoyed it. This has become one of our favorite places at Disney Springs. After lunch we walked around Disney Springs and were looking at the menus trying to decide where we would like to eat dinner. After a while we were getting warm and decided to head back to the hotel for a swim.

    Once we got back to our room, we discussed what to do for dinner and decided that we would see if we could get into Raglan Road. I looked at the app to make a reservation, but only saw late reservation times. I called the restaurant to see if there was anything available earlier and there was, so I booked it. We headed over to the quiet pool and enjoyed a nice swim to cool off.

    We headed to Disney Springs for our dinner reservation and since we were early, we walked around for a bit and then checked in. We were told that it would be about a 45 minute wait. After looking in the store, we found a seat outside and waited. While we were waiting, it started to rain lightly and we headed inside to stay dry. After about an hour, we still had not been called, so I headed up to check and see how much longer it would be. Just as I got to the desk, the pager went off. We were seated in the room to the left of the main room, so did not have a view of the stage. After some debate on what to eat, we decided to split the shepherds pie and it was delicious. Having finished dinner, we stopped at Sprinkles and picked up a couple of cupcakes to split.

    We took the bus back to the hotel and went up to the observation deck to watch the fireworks. From where we were, we could see HS clearly, but could not really see EPCOT. The fireworks for HS was not for another hour and we did not feel like waiting, so headed back to our room. When we got to our room, I tried my band and it did not work. My wifes key worked fine, so I headed back to the desk to get my band fixed. When I got back, we split a cupcake and then headed to bed.

    I don't know and I don't care if It's a Small World. It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland.

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    What a fun TR to read! I was there that weekend too for my birthday on the 30th. Lots going on with the Skyliner debut, the last Illuminations and the first Epcot Forever.


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