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Thread: Knott's 100th Anniversary in 2020

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    Knott's 100th Anniversary in 2020

    I haven't visited these boards for a looong time, so I'm not sure if this is the right spot for it. But it seems to be.

    A few years ago I did what other (current and sadly, some lapsed) Disneyland APers did and bought a Knott's Season Pass. At first, I ridiculously compared it to Disneyland and walked around the place with a furrowed brow most of the time. But after reading Knott's Preserved to learn about the park's history and finally just letting go to comparing the two parks, I loved Knott's for what it is, a charming, accidental theme park.

    This year Knott's celebrates its 100th anniversary. So I wondered if anyone here might want to discuss it here.

    For example, I've read Rolly Crump's autobiography It's Kind of a Cute Story (Amazon link) and listened to him talk about his involvement creating Knott's Bear-y Tales on the final volume of his More Cute Stories CDs (Amazon link), so I'm looking forward to the Bear-y Tales characters returning to the park this summer. I never rode the original ride, but knowing it's inspired by a Disney Legend and former Disney Imagineer does give it some added prestige for me. °o° I've spoken to friends who've ridden the original ride tho', and they're disappointed the new version likely won't have any animatronic figures. They say that was part of the ride's charm.

    Knott's has invested big time this year in the pin thing too, releasing 100 pin designs throughout the year, each commemorating some historical event from the park's history.

    So is anyone else here a Knott's Season Passholder and looking forward to visiting Knott's this particular year?

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