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Thread: Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2019

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    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2019

    We attended the party on Walt's birthday, December 5th. Coo. Never again! These parties are now so over-sold that queues for the rides were shorter during the daytime! The variety in the cookies and drinks offerings was a nice touch, last time we did this party (about 4 years ago) there was only one type of cookie and either cocoa or apple juice on offer. However, this was not enough to make up for the shockingly high entrance fee, in our opinion.

    We don't usually bother with character meets, but we do enjoy the fireworks and shows, and opt for the second showing of the parade, hoping that would reduce the queue size on some of the rides during the first parade. But the crowds to watch the fireworks were just horrendous, so many folk clustered into the hub! And the queue sizes never got any better, even during parade time, so rather than stay to the end of the event, we just gave up around 11.00 p.m. and left. Such a shame, we used to really enjoy the parties.


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    I'm sort of a little tired of the concept too. I agree on the variety seeming to be less for the treats than even last year. (I think last year was the first time I actually tried anything relating to the treats. In previous years I went (I think 2014-2015), I pretty much stayed in the hub to see things.)

    For me it's more the randomness of the poor weather that sinks the idea. I of course get it, it's Florida, it's going to rain sometimes. But when you shell out specifically for an event that is only valid on the day you buy it for and you can't change your plans, it's a big cost to miss the main point of the special ticket.

    I went last year and it rained for a bunch of it. I took my mom down on an impromptu trip this year and we did the MVMCP on 12/12, and it rained for most of it. Enough that they fully cancelled the first parade and did the rainy day cavalcade thing. It was our first day and we didn't want to impact the rest of the trip by staying up late for the second parade, so we totally missed the parade (since we all know how much additional time is needed to get out of MK waiting for either a monorail or ferry, it could easily be 1 AM before you get back to your room if you watch the second parade). For me, the parade is the main reason to go to the party.

    If not for the fact that it takes me 5 hours on an airplane and the impacts of the time zone difference, I far prefer DL where the parade is shown to regular park guests for most of the season. If it rains, you can simply try to see it on another day you are there. Can't do that in FL, of course, unless you spring for multiple party dates (or go within the small amount of days right around Christmas when they actually do put on the parade for regular day guests as well)




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