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Thread: Rise of the Resistance

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    Are u sure they don't want to manage morning lines? It's been a month at DHS and there still are lines in the AM. Seems like there's no thought to modify the process.

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    So I went to the park last Thursday to do some recon on the esplanade, security and parking around park closing time and security told me from that point they were open all night, no one was lining up yet and Toy Story parking was available all night. I set my alarm for 4am, I was well aware that as long as we were scanned into the park at 8am we would have just as much of a chance as anyone else but my fear was that the lines in the esplanade would be massive and slow moving.
    Got parked at Toy Story probably around 530am and in line in the esplanade at about 545am and the line was moving pretty quick, got scanned into the park within 10 minutes or so. Funnily enough Todd was in line behind me but I didn't want to bug him since he was livestreaming from the line. At this point there was about 2 hrs to kill so I instead of sitting in one place on main street I lined up for starbucks which was probably about 1 - 1.5 hrs. Normally I wouldn't wait but there was nothing else to do.
    As it got closer to 8a wife and I headed over to Star Tours to get in line to see the new RoS sequences but I didn't want to go into the building for fear of losing service. I got off the Disneyland wi-fi and had full bars on AT&T. Across from us there was a pretty big line of folks trying to get boarding groups via the fastpass system in front of Buzz.
    Finally 8a hit and we got boarding group 119 at 801am, with the big disclaimer that groups 82 and above could not be guaranteed a ride. My wife was pretty bummed, more so than me, but we decided to make a day of it, have fun and keep an eye on how fast the boarding groups moved throughout the day. Around 3 we left the parks for a target run and as I was watching for an hour the boarding groups were stuck on 69 for about an hour or so and around that time we got the push notification that our group would not be accommodated, but again, I decided to just keep watching how fast the groups were moving and have fun. We got back to the parks, rode a few rides, had dinner, hit up Oga's at 6 and by that time the boarding groups were moving pretty briskly again. We had an 810 reservation at Savi's and by this time the groups were moving so fast to the point where we were worried that we might be called and miss it. After Savi's we walked over to Rise and by this time it was close to 9p and the groups had stopped at 114 and stopped moving for quite a while. Lots of people were gathered around the entrance to Rise , talking to the cast members at the entrance. Lots of folks were walking away disappointed with different information spreading from cast members - no more boarding for the night, the ride is shutting down at 9 or 930.
    At this point it looked like we weren't going to get on but we decided to sit down near the entrance and wait a while longer. We talked to a group of eleven family members from Utah and the main mom of the group was politely making her case to the cast member that they were group 111 but weren't being let in even though they were boarding group 114 at the moment. The cast member relented and let them through and my wife and I sauntered in behind them, as if we were part of their group and we were through! I couldn't believe we were in line but I was still nervous that we wouldn't be able to ride, that there would be another check before we were let in. As we were in line a cast member said loudly - "if you are boarding group 115 but its not showing up on your app, don't be concerned, we are aware of the issue" so I held that info in my mind in case it was necessary. So the moment of truth came, one more app check by cast member before we were let in to the "base" part of the line. She checked the group of 11 in front of us, gave our app a quick look and said "ok just remove yourself from the virtual queue" and let us through. I couldn't believe it, we were in! At that point I figured they didn't care who or why anyone was able to get in line, as this was it for the evening. We were pretty much the last group of the night, only about 20-30 people behind us and that was it. Probably waited about 20-30 minutes in line before the experience (more than a ride) began and it was simply amazing and absolutely worth the wait. One thing I did notice was that the Kylo on the bridge was operating in B mode already, which I had seen people on social media posting about earlier in the day but that was about all that I noticed that wasn't functioning properly. In any case, can't wait to go again with my kids, friends and family!

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    Wow, NickP, that's quite some luck! Paying attention to your surroundings can certainly pay off :-) Fingers crossed that we make it in on Friday.

    You can exit the park once you scan in, right? So I could scan my AP in, go through the turnstiles, then turn around and go back to the DTD Starbucks to wait around for the park opening time to hit?

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    Yes you can leave. All you have to do is have been scanned into Disneyland and be ready to grab your BG at park opening. I saw many comments from people that did similar and left to go to DTD or sat in the Grand as they waited for opening.

    A crowded day at Disneyland beats a busy day of housework!!

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